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Do you want to become an accredited life or business coach running your own life coaching practice within the fastest time? Our Life Coaching Diploma Course uses specialist training techniques to uniquely combine your background and skills with our expertise. Together we will combine your abilities to fast track building your own full or part time coaching business. Life Coaching Diploma

Our life coaching diploma is a fully integrated, blended, multi-media, supported, accredited (level 7) and fully flexible coaching course. Life Coaching Course You will learn from the pioneer of life coach training & international best-selling author. 'Curly Martin is extremely responsive, professional and honest ... having trained with her I can now say that she is an unequalled coach, an inspirational trainer and one of the most impressive human beings I've ever met.' Simon Cheung Not Sure Who To Train With? Coach Course Reviews

'Informative, educational, practical, inspirational, motivating, fun and overwhelming!! Loved every minute of the course, but most importantly, it delivered exactly what I hoped for and needed. I'm ready to start. Thank you.' Dr. Richard Baxter

Do you want to become a professional life coach, business or SME coach, executive or corporate coach, spiritual & mindfulness coach, youth coach, career change coach, or you have your own specific area of coaching you would like to offer clients? You are the key and we unlock your potential and show you how to become an outstanding coach within your own chosen niche market. Coaching Diploma Course Trust an Internationally Acclaimed Ground Breaking Coach, Author & Pioneer Curly Martin the grandmother of life coach training with Your Coaching Future.

Imagine for the moment, you were given the opportunity to be taught by Jimi Hendrix, Amy Johnson, or another pioneer, where you could watch them perform and you can discuss with them aspects of their performance, the ones you want to perfect, surely you would do all in your power to take part? Curly Martin is a forerunner of life coach training, a pioneer and ground-breaking best-selling author. How to become a life coach

'Curly is an awesome trainer, coach, writer and human being. Training with her was an absolute delight and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance in my early days.' Tim Brownson, LCH Dip.

Growing numbers of people have already trusted Curly Martin to provide their highly skilled training coaching diploma

Life Coaching Diploma Brief Overview

Our diploma comprises, one mandatory workshop delivered by Curly Martin follow by modules which you complete from the comfort of your own home with support from your coaching circle and our mentors. If you cannot attend the workshop, we offer a full distance learning course There are no time limits for completing this fully certified life coaching course. Coaching Diploma Course

Cannot Wait To Get On The Pathway To Success?

We have a Distance Learning Life Coaching Diploma course for our overseas delegates and delegates who cannot attend the workshop. You can take advantage of this exceptional Online coaching Course We pride ourselves in our flexibility and customer focus by offering you choices to suit your life style. This means that you can still qualify with us, even if you are physically unable to attend the workshop, which is held in a London Heathrow location. Life Coaching Home study with the pioneer of life coach training. We have added a mentoring session with ground-breaking author Curly Martin into this option to ensure your coaching is of the highest standard.

Life Coaching Quiz

To help you to make the decision on whether you could be a successful Life Coach and step onto the pathway to success, we have compiled a short quiz for you to go through. This is not a test. We are not going to mark you on it or ask you how you think you did. If you answer all the questions honestly then you should be able to decide for yourself whether you have what it takes. Click Life Coach Quiz to go to the Quiz now and Good Luck! Alternatively, you may choose to read Curly Martin’s Blog

Life Coach Diploma Testimonials

‘I trained to be a life coach with the Curly nearly 12 years ago. The course opened up my mind and my life to a whole new amazing world. Since then, my career has only gone from strength to strength. The course proved to be a rock solid foundation for future training in associated fields. It has also had a huge and very positive impact on my family. We live how we want to live, do what we want to do and have never been happier. It was one of the best investments that I have ever made.’ Maria Hocking

‘I came to Curly when I was trying to define my business niche. She helped me clarify my strengths and determine how I might makes these work for me! She brought her phenomenally extensive experience and knowledge to our session and it helped me to find direction and purpose. Curly is a truly inspirational Mentor!!’ Anne Millne-Riley

‘I signed up to the Achievement Specialists Life Coaching course after researching the available options and finally talking to someone I knew who had previously attended - after listening to her enthusiasm it felt like a good choice for me. Suffice to say I was not disappointed. The course is a great mix of reading, attendance, assignments and hands on practical experience and I can honestly say at the end of this I do feel competent in being able to setup my own professional practice. It's very fair to say that what makes Achievement Specialists the success that it undoubtedly is, is Curly Martin. Curly has an infectious enthusiasm for what she does and her training delivery style is engaging and inclusive. The idea of actually coaching someone on the first morning of a course (whilst being observed) was initially intimidating, but Curly and are mentors are very supportive and encouraging - I'd even go so far as to say it was enjoyable!

If you are looking to become the best life coach you can be in my opinion you would be hard pushed to beat the training from Achievement Specialists. I've thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course (even the thesis!) and look forward to success in my future career. Curly brings something to the training process that is quite unique, perhaps best summed up as Curly Martin is an achievement specialist. Heather Baker-Heriot

‘I've just received the fantastic news that I've passed my L.C.H Diploma today & I'm on cloud nine! At last I can say I'm a qualified accredited coaching practitioner and words cannot express the joy and purpose that reaching this huge milestone has given me. My journey from start to finish in training with you and Achievements Specialists has been nothing short than remarkable. My life has been positively changed dramatically beginning last July in your workshop, meeting Curly Martin and then the outworking of my plan to change my life completely and begin a new career. I sold my house, left my desk job and relocated to beautiful Hampshire. I undertook the course and after literally completing my 50 hours of training I received my first paid client! How great is that? I'm glad to say my life is not the same, coaching has become my passion and my life! I want to sincerely thank you for being such a great role model, for your training and your ever encouraging words. I just know I'm going to go from strength to strength. Thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart.’ Gio Gregory

‘Being accepted onto the Platinum programme really accelerated my development as a coach and I have been amazed at how transformational it has been for me, not just in coaching and setting up my own practice but in all other areas of my life too. My confidence and self-belief has grown massively and my quality of life is so much better now compared with when I first started the programme. In just 6 months, I have gone from zero coaching hours to 80 hours and I have already enrolled several paying clients. My focus and decision-making have improved significantly and I now know precisely what I need to do to continue moving my business forward. Mentoring with Curly truly has transformed my life and my career and I would like to thank Curly for the support and challenge she has provided over the last 6 months. Mentor Curly Martin coaching diploma option She has enabled me to step outside my comfort zone and without her laser-focused mentoring I definitely would not be where I am now!’ Helen Rennie, Altair Performance Coaching Ltd.

Listen to the Radio 4  'In Business' programme

Curly Martin was invited to be interviewed by Peter Day for the 'In Business' programme on Life Coaching. She demonstrates Life Coaching on air by actually coaching the presenter, Peter Day.  Also interviewed during the programme are Phil Roberts (who trained as a coach with Curly Martin) Joy Craddock (a client of Curly Martin), Sir John Whitmore and Fiona Harrold. Coaches listen in now!
NB. Peter acted on the agreed commitments he made during the coaching session.
Listen online....

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‘Curly is a great coach, but more than that she is a WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING. I greatly appreciate her kind understanding. May God bless her with all the happiness she deserves. In fact, such comments by others about Curly's human side made me choose her coaching. I am glad that I have chosen Curly's training. Kind regards,’ Manoj K Samal PhD

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"I am constantly amazed at how far reaching the changes have been for me since attending your course. My thanks to you again. The FUTURE has never looked brighter.’ Written one year after he qualified "

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