Become a life coach or a business coach running your own coaching practice full or part-time on our Internationally Accredited (IAPC&M) Life Coaching Course. We use specialist training techniques (designed by the leading authority on life coach training, Curly Martin) to uniquely combine your background and skills with our expertise, making in-depth learning fast, fun and easy. We teach and you all the models you need to be an exceptional coach.


'Thank you for the great course. It was hard work but, having put together courses myself to teach, I was really impressed with the way that the coursework is very practical and is clearly intended to make you a better coach. Definitely the best course I have ever done, no question. I was thinking of approaching the person you recommended to do my website. Is she still active in this area? Finally, thank you again for the great course. I feel that, not only do I have an excellent qualification to supplement the others I have, but now an excellent training in life coaching which I can now wrap these around. Take care Curly and very best wishes for the future, Shane.' Dr Shane Fudge. Received on 10th August 2020. (High praise coming from someone who will have had to attend many courses for his doctorate)

‘First of all many thanks for a very inspiring course over the last two days. Although there was a huge amount covered it was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with you and the others.’ A D Chrystal 2020 - I absolutely loved everything about the course; the content, the delivery, the ease with which Curly took us from the theory to putting concepts into practice. I felt that everything I needed to be covered had been included in the correct depth. I can't recommend the course enough! Well done Curly and Achievement specialists' team! Mica Vidal Taylor In Chile 2020''

This life coaching and business coaching diploma course is a fully integrated, blended, multi-media, supported, accredited and flexible coaching course which is centered around YOU!.

‘Better than 1,000 days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.’ Japanese Proverb

You will be trained by the leading authority and pioneer of life coach training & international best-selling author Curly Martin.

You are the key and we unlock your potential and show you how to become an outstanding coach using the ICANDO coaching model within your own chosen niche market. Coaching Diploma Course Put your trust with an Internationally Acclaimed Ground Breaking Coach, Author & Pioneer Curly Martin, a leading authority on life coach and business coach training.

It is Your Coaching Future and we are privileged to train you. 'Informative, educational, practical, inspirational, motivating, loved every minute of the course, but most importantly, it delivered exactly what I hoped for and needed. I'm ready to start. Thank you.' Dr. Richard Baxter

We will show you how to become a professional life coach, business coach, corporate coach, youth coach, spiritual coach, mindfulness coach, transformational coach, career coach, or your own specific area of coaching which you would like to offer clients. 'Curly Martin is extremely responsive, professional and honest ... having trained with her I can now say that she is an unequaled coach, an inspirational trainer and one of the most impressive human beings I've ever met.' Simon Cheung.' Not Sure Who To Train With? Coach Course Reviews

Your home study life coaching course - distance learning life coach course, is flexible and has a face to face workshop or you can choose to the solely home study life coach course known as our distance learning life coach course.

Life Coaching Quiz

To help you to make the decision on whether you could be a successful Life Coach and step onto the pathway to success, we have compiled a short quiz for you to go through. This is not a test. We are not going to mark you on it or ask you how you think you did. If you answer all the questions honestly then you should be able to decide for yourself whether you have what it takes. Click Life Coach Quiz to go to the Quiz now and Good Luck! Alternatively, you may choose to read

Listen to the Radio 4  In Business' programme

Curly Martin was invited to be interviewed by Peter Day for the 'In Business' programme on Life Coaching. She demonstrates Life Coaching on air by actually coaching the presenter, Peter Day.  Also interviewed during the programme are Phil Roberts (who trained as a coach with Curly Martin) Joy Craddock (a client of Curly Martin), Sir John Whitmore and Fiona Harrold. Coaches listen in now!
NB. Peter acted on the agreed commitments he made during the coaching session.
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‘Curly is a great coach, but more than that she is a WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING. I greatly appreciate her kind understanding. May God bless her with all the happiness she deserves. In fact, such comments by others about Curly's human side made me choose her coaching. I am glad that I have chosen Curly's training. Kind regards,’ Manoj K Samal PhD

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"I just wanted to thank you for posting the BBC request for a life coach on the Achievers' Forum and giving me the opportunity to work with the BBC. I completed 2 days filming with the BBC last week and they will be editing the tape and showing it to the commissioners at the BBC over the next month or so. It was a fabulous experience though very hard work with a lot of preparation. Many thanks again for the opportunity."

Julie Edge