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We have a devoted, passionate and highly skilled team of mentor coaches who work on our programmes. They frequently attend the workshop part of the diploma course to keep their knowledge and skills honed and up-to-date because our workshops are continuously being enhanced to accommodate the changes in the world of coaching.

They are fully qualified (important word) and since qualification, they have been running successful (another important word) coaching businesses/practices for a minimum of 6 years. They have attended and reached the high standard set on our mentor training course, which was designed and is always delivered by Curly.

'I am very proud and privileged to work with these exceptional mentors whom, I also consider my friends.' Curly Martin

Ric Hayman LCH Dip.

Mentor Coach, Course Director
Life Coach 13 Hayman LCH Dip.
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What will you be doing in five years time? Much the same, or do you want to move your own goal posts? If you are not living your own dream, Life Coaching is the answer you may be looking for. Ric spent 20 years as a successful I.T. consultant before breaking away, re-training as a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner. He will work with you to identify your goals, set tasks, overcome barriers and embark on an exciting journey of discovery and fulfilment. Ric is proud to be a senior member of the Achievement Specialists team and is the course director. Move towards the life that you want now.

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Veronica Garbett (Cooper), LCH Dip, PIIC, PNLP, MBA

Mentor Coach
Life Coach 36 Cooper LCH Dip.
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I love what I do! How many people are lucky enough to be part of the journey developing young people into the next generation of managers? And if that wasn't enough, I get to work with existing managers to support their development into inspiring leaders. I work with individuals to challenge and support them in achieving outstanding individual and organisational performance, as well as delivering coaching and training programmes associated with managing change and CPD within SME businesses. By splitting my time between working within a University and with clients, I get to be inspired by and influence in both environments. A little bit about my credentials: I am the founder of Cooper Consultancy (UK) Ltd and Boomerang Resources, a senior coach and trainer. I hold an MBA, am an International Institute of Coaching Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC), Accredited Business Coach, NLP Business Practitioner and Member of the IIC. I am a Senior Tutor at the University of Bedfordshire’s Business School, Centre for Women’s Enterprise and Knowledge Hub and am involved in academic research projects. Specialties: Undergrad & Post Grad Lecturing (General Business & Leadership) Management & Soft Skills Training NVQ Assessing - Management Executive Coaching

Jackie Fletcher LCH Dip.

Life Coach 39 Fletcher LCH Dip.
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Transitions Life Coaching BSc (Honours) Psychology, L.C.H.Dip, Accredited Coach Supervisor, Licensed Career Coach, Advanced EFT Practitioner I am a Life Satisfaction, Career and Mentor Coach, helping busy professionals and small business owners create and live the balanced, successful, and happy life they really want. This is achieved through one-to-one coaching sessions tailored to help you get more satisfaction from your life and career. Life coaching can support you in finding focus and direction through exploring dreams and ambitions, clarifying values, identifying and changing negative beliefs, setting life goals and overcoming obstacles. Turn potential into performance whilst maintaining a balanced life, and become the very best that you can! And for those who find themselves at a career crossroads, I offer a career coaching programme which enables you to find the work you would really love to do. "Life is a promise; fulfil it."

Steve Thomson

Mentor Coach
Life Coach 28 Thomson
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Steve's passion for personal development led him to set up his own Life Coaching practice, after 15 years success at a senior management level in the pharmaceutical industry. "I got real inspiration for coaching when I went through it myself some time ago, and realised that it would have fantastic benefits for everyone. Negativity, worry and indecision really can be turned into achieving potential and fulfilling your dreams." As well as being a qualified professional LifeCoach, Steve delivers Personal Awareness programmes.He plays racket sports at international level, and is fascinated by the link between LifeCoaching and sports coaching.

Peter Low LCH Dip.

Trainer, Mentor Coach
Life Coach 114 Low LCH Dip.
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Wonder… What has Brad Gilbert done to enable Andy Murray to compete successfully with the world’s best? Think, what does Richard Branson do to create successful businesses? Question, how has Butch Harmon made Tiger Woods even better? You like me know the answer; they all challenge and coach for success. Great news for you, this is what Peter will do with you in the important areas of your life. So ask now, “Am I willing to commit myself 100% to what I want, need and desire?” If yes, think I choose Peter. His tool box contains lots of fun stuff that enable you to find that unique thing inside you, that thing that enables you to succeed, fast. What have clients said “Peter is like that good medicine in an ugly bottle” Simon “I used to have a fear of water, now I am a swimmer” Lainagh and “I had lost my business compass and had a fear of selling, now my confidence is back and sales have tripled” David. Peter works successfully with children, adults and businesses. Take your first step, E-mail Peter now.

Lexie Bebbington BSc(Hons) QTS CPCC LCH Dip.

Mentor Coach
Life Coach 397 Bebbington BSc(Hons) QTS CPCC LCH Dip.
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OVER THE PAST YEAR HAVE YOU LIVED 365 FULFILLING DAYS – OR THE SAME DAY 365 TIMES? As a professional coach, my aim is to enable women to live conscious, engaging, meaningful lives that truly sparkle – and you’ll be amazed by how much can be achieved with the right amount of encouragement and support. My life coaching packages are designed to suit the specific requirements of the individual. Each package incorporates a wide range of practical tools and techniques which will continue to support you long after your coaching investment is complete. Infact, once learnt, these techniques will quickly become second nature to you – enabling you to become your very own personal coach… FOR LIFE!

Ann Beatty LCH Dip

Mentor Coach
Life Coach 31 Beatty LCH Dip
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I have worked in both the public and private sectors with a diverse range of people. My specialities are performance management and events organisation. I have trained as a counsellor and a coach and studied to achieve Diplomas in Life Coaching, NLP and Management Studies. I have enjoyed working on a personal level and in the corporate world as a coach and trainer and I have several years experience working with young people which has been both challenging and satisfying. My passion is working with people to enable them to achieve their desires and lead successful, happy and fulfilling lives. If you ever felt like you wanted to make some changes in your life but you just haven't made a start yet or you don't know where to start you can come and talk to me. As your life coach I will listen, yes listen to you and encourage you to start on those plans right now.

Phil Russell LCH Dip. Mentor Coach

Life Coach 300 Russell LCH Dip. Mentor Coach
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Are you at a cross road in your life, wondering what direction to take? Maybe life has taken an unexpected turn and now you wonder what options you have? This could be your opportunity to do that ‘Thing’ you have been putting off for so long. As your coach I will work with you to map out the route to reach your destination in whatever aspect of your life you choose. This may sound big and grand but don’t worry, we take things in small manageable steps whether this be for short, medium or long term goals. I specialise in working with people who are looking for a change of direction, maybe redundancy has got you to re-evaluate your life and think, ‘what next’? Or you have a successful career but now want more out of life. I can understand how you feel, I have been there. But don’t wait, start managing all aspects of your life now, get things in balance now, become more fulfilled and just plain happier now. Life is too short so do something now. Contact me to discuss what you want out of life and how you can get it.

Anneke Groet MA LCH Dip.

Mentor Coach
Life Coach 210 Groet MA, LCH Dip.
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Professional coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Throughout the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.” (The International Coaching Federation) Anneke is the owner of Executive Coaching and Training (ECT). She is a qualified Life Coach and holds degrees in Teaching, in Law and in English Language and Literature. Her work as a coach and trainer with banks and auditing firms in Europe, South America and South East Asia has given her a keen awareness of cultural issues, which is an asset in the multicultural environment of Luxembourg where she is based. ECT serves clients in all three Benelux countries. As a coach Anneke works mainly, but not exclusively, with new managers on key management skills such as effective communication, time management, work-life balance and career planning. As a trainer she specializes in tailormade management courses. Respect, integrity, honesty and quality are key words in all dealings with clients.

Graeme Skea LCH Dip.

Mentor Coach
Life Coach 97 Skea LCH Dip.
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Graeme is a natural coach and facilitator of change who brings inspiration and passion to individuals and organisations in achieving balance and growth. Dedicated to unlocking the potential in everyone he meets and works in partnership with, finding creative and inspiring ways to achieve and enjoy their best. His coaching and training practice offers an insight into the real you through Coaching, NLP, Insights profilng, Zest for life and Kidult workshops.

Jacquelyn Bownes LCH Dip.

Mentor Coach
Life Coach 45 Bownes LCH Dip.
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Jacquelyn is an experienced and successful, results focused coach. She has over 12 years experience of coaching within retail organisations, financial services and the public and voluntary sector, and is the founder of 'Catalyst Coaching & Development', her thriving life and executive coaching practice. Jacquelyn's enthusiasm and passion together with her pragmatic approach and humour, has successfully enabled the clients she works with to achieve real results and the confidence to realise their true potential. Her specialisms include; Confidence and Self Esteem, Career Change and Career Development, Work-Life Balance, Personal / Leadership Development and Business/ Personal Performance. 'Let me be the Catalyst to Realise Your Ambitions'

Jon Adler LCH Dip.

Mentor Coach
Life Coach 92 Adler LCH Dip.
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Hi, my name is Jon Adler and I am a Qualified Professional Life Coach. You may be wondering, 'How can coaching help me? What will I have to do?' Or 'Is coaching for me?' I help clients to feel happier in their lives and better about themselves. My style of coaching is focused on getting you the results that you want and having some fun along the way. Improving your life doesn't have to be hard work or a chore but you must be ready to change. Are you ready to change now? Whatever challenges you currently face, coaching with me at Excelmore can help you feel happier in your life and better about yourself. I will gladly offer a complimentary session so you can experience coaching. Email me now to begin changing your life for the better.

Sue Clarke LCH Dip.

Life Coach 72 Clarke  LCH Dip.
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Sue Clarke specialises in career development and change, motivation, confidence building, work/life balance, relationship management and self-development. She is warm, intuitive and practical and believes that every client is unique, very special, with talents just waiting to be discovered. Sue's background includes 17 years in HR and Customer Services management, in the UK and Australia, in the private and public sectors. An accredited coach, Sue also has professional diplomas in Personnel Management, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Sue is based in Peterborough.

Coaching Reviews

"I am constantly amazed at how far reaching the changes have been for me since attending your course. My thanks to you again. The FUTURE has never looked brighter.’ Written one year after he qualified "

Jon Adler 2003

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