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The Business Coaching Handbook is available on Kindle 'You'll kick yourself if you don't read this book and apply the simple, effective advice that really works. This book is a wake-up call for any business that is struggling. As a a result, I have re-launched my website, drilled down to my market and created useful alliances with like-minded people and, at last, my reputation is growing, relationships are flourishing and I know my business is on track towards success. Watch this space. Dave Grundy

This business coaching course uses the contents of The Business Coaching Handbook and the course is open to all coaches who are running a coaching practice. Read a chapter for free course will demonstrate how you use this book when coaching your clients and how to secure business contracts. You are expected to be a qualified coach and to already be working with some business clients before attending this course Diploma course "I found the techniques and skills taught over-lap seamlessly across ALL aspects of life… Am I inspired?? You bet I am. 48 hours after my return from the course I have four paying customers! In carrying out the company trouble shooting, I have secured £15,000 worth of work, enabling an owner manager of a metal fabrication company develop and implement a crisis action plan… I’ve secured an additional £5k of business purely on performance coaching, supporting the owner and his management team in achieving the goals from the action plan (£1200 x 4 = £4800) … this not only gives me an additional 33% business but a greater control on their ability to deliver the results … In the time took in writing this note I also have 2 additional referrals of which I am 80% certain will come off …." Thank you Curly.' Mike Ellis

Course Contents

Introduction Session:

The course starts with selecting chapters for your clients by working in sequence or by using selected topics. The benefits of using the Whole Business Diagnostic Chart© to convert enquiries into paying clients will be explained and demonstrated. Learn how to use the chart to plan the development strategies for accelerated success for all your business clients.

Session 1 – Now Review Now The Secrets of Goal Setting

What shape is your business clients company in now? Before putting plans and strategies together to take your clients company to the next level it is important to know exactly where the business is now, warts and all. These principles apply to every manufacturing, service or retail business, and professional practice. What is your clients business plan? What are your clients short, midterm and long term goals for their company? Learn how to work with your clients to set their business and personal goals. We provide a logical, practical and proven sequence of activities that allow you to work with your client to find juicy goals that re-motivated about.

Session 2 – Time is Money

How to organise and utilise time effectively and how to release time for your clients to work on getting better results. This could mean more time for your clients to play golf, spend time with family or what ever they want to do and is a great selling tool for you. You know that time can equal money and your clients probably think they already spend their business time wisely or perhaps think that they do not have time to work with you. We will show you how to free up client time which will impress them and encourage them to hire your services.

Session 3 – Typical Customer Profile from Leads to Sales

Does your client really know who his/her customers are? What are their demographics? If you know their business customers you will be able to increase their sales because they will be selling what their customers will want to buy. Discover how to define your business client’s typical customer. This knowledge will increase your client’s sales and return on promotional investments which you can use to pay for your services. Sales leads and conversion rates are the life blood of a business. This session shows you how to challenge the way your clients follow up leads and convert their enquiries into customers. Learn how to classify the leads your clients will follow up, and the most effective methods to use when they follow up as this can be the difference between a sale and the loss of a sale.

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Session 4 – Marketing Magic, Press Releases, the Art of Advertising and Website Marketing

This session looks at the role of marketing as the first step in customer creation. Marketing is what creates and sustains a demand for your business clients products or services. Sales follow as the result of effective marketing. We examine some of the marketing tools that are available to you to use with your business clients. Could you introduce free advertising forever for your business and your clients business? This session looks at how to understand the principle of press releases and how to use them as a free source of marketing and customer creation. Discover which advertising method is best and how to measure its effectiveness. Your website is like a virtual shop window that is open 24 hours a day but it can only work for you if people know that you are there and that you are open for business. Learn how to look at your own and your clients website to increase the hits and sales conversion rates to the sites.

Session 5 – Tactical Socialising

The uncompromising networking techniques in this session offer strategies which mean every network meeting has an end goal. You will discover an effective method to increase your business clients profile with tactical strategies and the TACTIC model. Many businesses rely on a haphazard way of building business contacts and therefore getting contracts. Tactical socialising uses strategies to get to the right people.

Session 6 – Staff Strategies

Here you will discover how to define your clients desired staff profiles, where and when to advertise vacancies, and the basics of recruitment and selection. This provides a valuable insight on keeping your clients staff aboard and performing at peak productivity. Learn how your client can get a return on the money they spend on recruitment. Outsourcing and TUPE restrictions.

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Session 7 – Challenge Resolutions

All businesses have challenges and usually call them problems. This session is about how to work with your clients on their challenges by using proven techniques and problem solving models. There has probably never been a business that has not had its share of challenges and when you use these strategies you will impress your client and be the problem solving champion.

Session 8 – Money Matters, Money from Waste and Intellectual Money

This session covers the most perilous pitfalls of sales value, margins, costs and cash flow. You would be amazed how many entrepreneurs and directors fight shy of doing their sums. You will work with methods of making it clear and simple so that you and your clients know how to keep track. Discover areas of wastage in their business which they may never have considered existed. There is always waste to be found in any business and this session looks at a variety of areas where you can save money or increase profit for your clients by looking at what they do and how they do it. Cost cutting is only part of the story. Many small businesses do not consider they have any intellectual assets and are missing an opportunity for profits. Show your clients how to generate money from intellectual assets and any intellectual property which they already have. Learn how to protect those assets using the financial Diagnostic audit model.

Session 9 – Outsourcing

This session looks at an alternative to recruiting extra staff. It also looks at ways to make outsourcing happen as a smooth process rather than becoming an extra burden. It covers the benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing along with the how’s, why’s and where’s of the process; invitations to tender, TUPE restrictions,!!!

Session 10 – Workshop

In this session you will work with other members of the group on an agreed business coaching challenge to discover several ways of tackling the issue and finding a suitable resolution for you and your client.

Session 11 – Summary

What do you need to do from here? How will you implement the many strategies and methods to gain more clients and increase your own profits?

Session 12 – Business coaching circle set up and business buddy programme. This will give you a structured framework to continue your business development with your peers.

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This business coaching course can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual delegates on each course allowing flexibitly to accommodate all the learners needs.

Coaching Reviews

"Sometimes you aren't sure on how much you are developing as it is hard to measure yourself. I am sure all the clinics have had an impact and I am grateful that you continue to aid my growth in this valuable way.’ 9 Months after qualifying."

Veronica Cooper

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