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Do you want to be trained as a life coach or as a business coach to diploma level 7 standard and do you want your competency and confidence as a life or business coach to stand out from the rest? I want the best life coaching course Curly Martin a leading authority, delivers all the life coaching and business training on our workshops, she is the pioneer and ground-breaking author of The Life Coaching Handbook the first book on this subject worldwide. This means you will learn from her experiences, giving you the edge as you build your life coaching or business coaching practice. The number of people who are joining our coaching profession is growing and thousands of them have trusted us with their training. Diploma In Life Coaching

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'Curly is an awesome trainer, coach, writer and human being. Training with her was an absolute delight and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance in my early days. She's a credit to the Life Coaching Industry and I don't get the opportunity to say that as often as I'd like.' Tim Brownson, LCH Dip. A Daring Adventure

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Achievement Specialists offers one of the most advanced Life Coaching training courses available, based on the seminal work in this area. The life or business course we offer is fully accredited by the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring Level 7 which means you are safe in the knowledge that your life coach course has been scrutinised by experts. The life coach diploma course we offer is a fully integrated, blended, multi-media, supported by fully qualified mentors and very flexible. This coaching course embraces, personal 1-2-1 coaching, business coaching, executive coach, corporate coaching, health coach, youth coaching, spiritual coaching, transformation and mindfulness coaching and almost all of the coaching niches! This is achieved by using a long established coach training technique developed by Curly Martin. We will harness your background so that we can fast track your future. The diploma includes, one mandatory workshop delivered by Curly Martin (plus an optional workshop) follow by modules which you complete from the comfort of your own home with support from your coaching circle and our mentors. There is no time limit for completing this certified life coaching course. Growing numbers of people are joining the coaching profession and thousands of them have already trusted us with their training pathway. Here are some Life Coach Training Reviews of the life coaching diploma course.

Life Coach Post Coaching Course Support

If you are coaching and working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis you will find these Download To Destiny™ programmes contain a variety of activities for your clients to participate in. You will never be stuck for ideas and you will never be short of activities again! Each 30 day programme Coach Tool Box is designed to deal with specific areas in a life coaching clients life and as a life coach you will be able to select the most appropriate activity for each coaching client dependent on your experience and that of your clients. This is a great buy for coaches. If you want to learn more here is a link to The Personal Success Handbook which is the inspiration for the Download To Destiny programmes or alternatively, you can read Curly Martin's blog

'Undertaking the LCH Dip in way back in March 2008 has had the most positive and permanent affect on my life.. My life has changed for the better in just about every aspect– career, personal autonomy, geographical location, improved relationships and a new more balanced outlook. The knowledge contained in the LCH toolkit is invaluable. I benefited enormously from the coach mentor program and made fantastic friendships through the coaching circle. I cannot recommend the Achievement Specialist’s LCH Dip highly enough. Thank you Curly, I feel like a living testament to the profound power of coaching!' Georgia Wallis,

Funding & Loans

Financing your investment in your future as a coach by attending our life coaching diploma course is available from several sources: corporate companies wanting to retain staff using coaching to achieve this, European funding projects for coaching and mentoring, career development loans, severance and redundancy payments giving individuals more choices and there are various local council funding schemes. This means there are many opportunities for you to train as a coach. Call us now 0800 191 0200 (FREE) to find out how you can train as a life coach and start a new income stream for yourself whilst assisting others to do the same. Be cautious, we have heard about training companies who state their course price and if you do not book your course immediately, you are then sent emails offering sponsorship or bursaries with discounts up to 40% off the original course price!! Do not be fooled; you are not the only one who is being offered discounts in this format. Are you happy about this approach, or would you prefer complete transparency when dealing with your training provider?

Diploma In Life Coaching

Our course is based on the ground-breaking number one best selling coaching book for consecutive years, from 2003 The Life Coaching Handbook: Everything you need to be an effective life coach. by Curly Martin which was a worldwide first on how to become a life coach and set up a successful coaching practice. Because of this, people serious in being trained to a high standard with an expert are prepared to travel to the workshop from as far away as New Zealand, Asia (the book is translated into many languages), Europe, and the USA, etc.

All our delegates are interviewed by Curly Martin before being accepted on this prestigious diploma – do you have the passion, self-motivation and dedication to be good enough to join our elite coaches? When you attend the workshop you will be among equally talented and passionate individuals and not sitting next to a serial-course-goer or next to 'I'm not sure yet', who could affect your chances of success. We aim to have one mentor or fully trained coach for every three delegates (1:3 ratio) which means qualified assistance is always close at hand. Your practical activities and exercises are all supervised. The diploma course has lifetime support within the Achievers Club

Listen to Curly on the Radio 4 ‘In Business’ programme and hear how skilfully she coaches the presenter.

You can train with us now and you will be secure in the knowledge you have trained with the best in the business. Put your precious future in our hands knowing that everything is underpinned by a real expert of life coaching who values YOU more than your money!

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"March 2006 is and will always remain a major milestone in my life. Why's that?

It was the time I decided I was ready to train as a Life Coach and attended the Achievement Specialists Life Coaching training weekend with the wonderful Curly Martin and mentor coaches. Way beyond the life changing experience of the course itself, soaking up the excitement of being immersed in coaching from the start, I'm lucky enough to continually grow together with my coaching buddies, sharing valuable tools and experiences and have made friends for life.

Curly's style and training in life coaching is phenomenal: it has totally changed my life, permanently. The course is unique in that it gives a practical approach to practice-building and marketing, built upon a strong theoretical foundation of NLP and coaching concepts that allows you to experience real live coaching from the start. Having thought and researched hard, I am glad I chose to invest in the Achievement Specialist's course as it 'walks the talk' unlike a lot of the other courses that put up impressive pitches but are based largely on coaching theory.

''Now working as a professional life coach is something that is demanding, inspiring and ever developing. I'm constantly learning and gaining feedback and I reflect on a key piece of advice Curly gave me: that my friends and relationships would change permanently. Curly was spot on. One thing I've realized strongly, and keep my clients aware of is, that we have choice as 'responsible' individuals. A choice in what we do and who we choose to spend our time with. These choices affect our energy levels and drive, our lust for life and we can increase this by surrounding ourselves with positive people. See you soon," Michael A. Scott LCH Dip, Energy and Revitalisation Coach, Optimal Life Coaching Tel: 0844 454 2006