Master Classes

Small sample of our master classes

The master classes and the coaching clinics are not mandatory because we know that you are unique and you are intelligent enough to select the classes most suited to your personal requirements based on your previous experience, education and competencies. We believe your time is precious, we respect your previous knowledge and allow you to pick and choose the most appropriate master classes to support you towards becoming an outstanding coach. The master classes contain EXTRA INFORMATION not essential information. The essential information to become an outstanding life coach is already contained in the fully accredited diploma course. You can purchase extra copies of the master classes on the workshop and from the Acheivers Club.

"Just a short note to praise the content of a master class I listened to yesterday. It was Presenting to Business parts 1 & 2. The content was fantastic, and gave a step by step process for how to get it right. For anyone starting to present to business I would highly recommend it. Well done Curly.' Julia McVey


Approximately 30 hours of listening

1. Beginners Public Speaking

2. Converting enquiries from magazine interviews

3. Corporate coaching – The differences

4. Curly Coaching one of her clients –

5 Recordings each 45 minute of consecutive coaching sessions

5. Emotional Freedom Technique

6. Executive coaching – the differences

7. Magazine Interviewing Techniques

8. Marketing Part 1 – Basic tips & techniques

9. Marketing Part 2 – Annual Marketing Strategy

10. Micro coaching session 1

11. NLP representational systems

12. Networking

13. Niche Marketing

14. NLP reframing for coaching

15. Presenting To Businesses Part 1

16. Presenting To Businesses Part 2

17. Questioning

18. Saving Money for Business Clients – waste management

19. Time Management for coaches

20. Using meta programmes part 1

21. Using meta programmes part 2

22. Website for coaches part 1

23. Website for coaches part 2

24. Curly coaching demo - December course

25. Metaphors in Coaching

26. Coaching models

27. How to get a press release printed

28. Micro coaching session 2

29. Marketing – CJ Hayden 5 tips

30. Defining typical client profile

31. Christmas crackers


Approximately 30 hours of listening

1. Insight Profiling for Coaching Part 1

2. Insight Profiling for Coaching Part 2

3. Spiral Coaching Colour Blue

4. Spiral Coaching Colour Green

5. Spiral Coaching Colour Orange

6. Spiral Coaching Colour Purple

7. Spiral Coaching Colour Red

8. Spiral Coaching Colour Yellow

9. Transactional Analysis for coaching

10. Add extra value to your coaching

11. Boosting referrals

12. Demo - Coaching

13. Clinic – How to support Medial clients

14. Demo Coaching

15. Demo RABIT

16. DECS technique for coaching

17. Getting over Cancer

18. Guest speaker Babu Shar Quick fitness

19. How to End a coaching session

20. How to promote your business

21. How to use the Business Coaching Handbook when coaching

22. Demo – Coaching

23. Life Purpose with clients

24. Listening skills exercises

25. Building your 50 hours coaching

26. Client Health

27. Financial Coaching

28. Spiritual Coaching

29. Q & A course after coaching demo

30. BBC Radio Solent Interview

31. Demo - Values