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On the diploma course we discuss the importance of being insured from the moment you start coaching. Way back in 2002 we negotiated a specially discounted insurance for coaches (both members and non-members) with Westminster Indemnity. Click on the logo to get a quote and take advantage of the discount offered to coaches.

click on the logo to get the discount which will be automatically calculated in the free quote. I wish you safe and happy coaching.

‘Hi Curly, Just to say thank you for your recent reminder about shopping around for indemnity and liability insurance, It worked. Following your advice I went on line and saved 45% on my premium an it only took me less than 10 mins, including saving the certificate and documents to my business admin area. Many thanks. David Grundy Business Coach’

Curly explains when she delivers the diploma workshop that there are three types of insurance available and here is a brief outline:

Public liability which covers you against, accidents, injury or damage to property

Professional Indemnity which covers you against giving advice and consequential loss

Combined indemnity which includes public liability and professional indemnity

We recommend that our coaches purchase the combined indemnity insurance, regardless of whether you meet face to face with your clients because you cannot know what the future holds.

Imagine you have purchased only the professional indemnity insurance because you work on-line only. Six months have passed since you bought your insurance and you receive a telephone call from a very wealthy individual who is interested in working with you for a minimum of a year but she/he insists on meeting you face to face before going ahead. It is a great opportunity, so you arrange to meet in a hotel.

Believe me, you will not be thinking about your insurance at this time! You will not be insured for public liability. You order a pot of coffee for two and accidentally knock the pot over your wealthy client, causing scalding and ruining an Armani suit!

I am sure you get the picture and that you will realise the benefit of full cover so here is a link to the discounted insurance for all of my readers who have not yet insured themselves.

click on the logo to get the discount.

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"Firstly I would just like to say a massive thank-you for the fantastic weekend I've just got home from. The learning & growing I experienced in just those 2 days has definitely given me the solid foundation I needed to get my Life Coaching Practice off the ground. I'm also extremely grateful for the amount of business information you have shared with us’"

Karen Pitt