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Wayne Carpenter

Life Coach 1000 Carpenter
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Creating achievement and inspiring success, you are the master of your life; I work with my clients on Achievement and Success and supporting them through the areas of personal or professional change. Whether its your next goal in life or business, or looking to let go of things in the past or feeling stuck and at the cross roads in life. Continuous development and growth is important to me, as I walk my talk. The road to the left is easy, its where we have been heading everyday so far, and the other is the right road, this is the high road it’s along this road we will travel towards our dreams, our goals and our destiny in life… If we keep doing what we've always done, we will keep getting what we've always got!

Grant Willcox

Life Coach 405 Willcox
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Grant Willcox is a professional success specialist who specialises in helping inspired individuals to live with excellence every day. Over many years, his particular passion has been with all forms of personal development and motivation, which closely translates to his mission of enhancing the lives of all the individuals he coaches who want to be more than they are & fulfil their dreams. His dynamic communication style is complimented with a wealth of practical experience from over 20 years as a supply chain professional in various industries, which he uses to ensure that each person he coaches achieves their goals effectively.

Veronica Garbett (Cooper), LCH Dip, PIIC, PNLP, MBA

Mentor Coach
Life Coach 36 Garbett (Cooper), LCH Dip, PIIC, PNLP, MBA
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I love what I do! How many people are lucky enough to be part of the journey developing young people into the next generation of managers? And if that wasn't enough, I get to work with existing managers to support their development into inspiring leaders. I work with individuals to challenge and support them in achieving outstanding individual and organisational performance, as well as delivering coaching and training programmes associated with managing change and CPD within SME businesses. By splitting my time between working within a University and with clients, I get to be inspired by and influence in both environments.

A little bit about my credentials: I am the founder of Cooper Consultancy (UK) Ltd and Boomerang Resources, a senior coach and trainer. I hold an MBA, am an International Institute of Coaching Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC), Accredited Business Coach, NLP Business Practitioner and Member of the IIC. I am a Senior Tutor at the University of Bedfordshire’s Business School, Centre for Women’s Enterprise and Knowledge Hub and am involved in academic research projects.

Specialties: Undergrad & Post Grad Lecturing (General Business & Leadership)
Management & Soft Skills Training
NVQ Assessing - Management
Executive Coaching

Ric Hayman LCH Dip.

Mentor Coach, Course Director
Life Coach 13 Hayman  LCH Dip.
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What will you be doing in five years time? Much the same, or do you want to move your own goal posts? If you are not living your own dream, Life Coaching is the answer you may be looking for. Ric spent 20 years as a successful I.T. consultant before breaking away, re-training as a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner. He will work with you to identify your goals, set tasks, overcome barriers and embark on an exciting journey of discovery and fulfilment. Ric is proud to be a senior member of the Achievement Specialists team and is the course director. Move towards the life that you want now. Email Ric now and change your life.

Glenne Ladegaard

Life Coach 562 Ladegaard
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When might you start seeking your inner Goddess? For many women, it's a combination of factors: you're over 40, perhaps facing the menopause; you've recently lost your 'other half', whether through death or divorce; your kids have left home to live their own lives. Your self-esteem is low, and you don't have the practical or emotional tools to start shaping a successful solo life. That's where I come in. I can help you to discover your own Goddess. She's an unfailing powerhouse of intuition and direction that will help you reshape your life around your priorities and dreams – perhaps for the first time ever. I can help because I've been there. By befriending my own inner Goddess, I've learned how to be independent and strong, without losing my sense of fun. I've travelled the world and made life-changing decisions for myself. I've created a life filled with interesting work and warm friendships. Now I can help you do the same. I'll weave warmth, fun, interest and compassion into our work together. I'll challenge you, listen to you and support you unfailingly, share the lessons I've learned, and guide you as you begin the most rewarding journey of all – towards the discovery of your own Goddess-given potential. If you'd like to chat, please email me. It's absolutely free and without obligation. I look forward to hearing your story, and to helping you write the next chapter.

Andrea The Alchemist

Life Coach 876 The Alchemist
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Would you like to transform your life, find your passion and discover the true purpose of your existence? Would you like to create clarity and release your unwanted thoughts that are causing you to be in crisis?Are you looking for a mentor to guide and help you to create permanent results? Every individual deals with change in a different way. For some people change is a huge challenge and it could be an unimaginable step to take. When we work together I make sure the transition to change is as smooth as possible for you. There are a range of programmes that will create better and permanent results in your life and will help you to be in balance, experience freedom, be in the flow, releasing your stress and worries. Contact me for Advanced Alchemy Body Sessions, Coaching, Mentoring, Access Bars & Facelift, Creative Edge Events and Conscious Poetry.

Christopher Stribblehill

Life Coach 1002 Stribblehill
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Do you want to be a successful student? Now is the moment when you can be creative, motivate yourself simply by using outstanding techniques and tools which Chris developed and perfected. I have 11 + years in the retail industry and during this time I have coached and mentored people of all abilities in all walks of life. I have always had a passion for learning and personal growth. Live your best life, take the first step and contact me now.

Paul Hughes

Life Coach 1317 Hughes
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Where do you want to go today? What do you want to do? What makes you think you can’t? What’s stopping you, and who put that there? Through coaching, my aim is to guide you to identify and focus on what it is that you really want to achieve in your life. Just as a sportsperson will have a coach to help them improve their game, fitness and strength while overcoming psychological barriers, I will guide you towards defining your own success and empowering you to awaken your potential and achieve the goals you desire. Who put that there? Sometimes it appears that there is something preventing your dreams from happening; sometimes it is an obstacle that is just there, sometimes, it is a construct of our own mind. Either way, I will guide you around, over or even through whatever you think it is that’s stopping you achieve your full potential and enable you to create the life you want to live. Together, we can turn your “I can’t” into “I can!”

Vicky Craig (nee Lester)

Life Coach 118 Craig (nee Lester)
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Do you want to move forward in an area/areas of your life? Perhaps you want to loose weight, create a business, get fit, move jobs or feel life could be better in some way? Life Coaching to me is a very powerful, effective way of creating happier more successful lives. I believe life is too short not to be happy as you can be. I Coach in a completely non-judgemental, confidential manner. I have a degree in Psychology, Masters in Computers, am a qualified NLP Practitioner along with having two Diplomas in Life Coaching. I have successfully incorporated many changes in my life, I would love to help you help yourself. I believe everyone has the answers in themselves and capabilities to be the person they want to be. The time to contine the journey is now!

Jackie Fletcher LCH Dip.

Life Coach 39 Fletcher LCH Dip.
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Transitions Life Coaching BSc (Honours) Psychology, L.C.H.Dip, Accredited Coach Supervisor, Licensed Career Coach, Advanced EFT Practitioner I am a Life Satisfaction, Career and Mentor Coach, helping busy professionals and small business owners create and live the balanced, successful, and happy life they really want. This is achieved through one-to-one coaching sessions tailored to help you get more satisfaction from your life and career. Life coaching can support you in finding focus and direction through exploring dreams and ambitions, clarifying values, identifying and changing negative beliefs, setting life goals and overcoming obstacles. Turn potential into performance whilst maintaining a balanced life, and become the very best that you can! And for those who find themselves at a career crossroads, I offer a career coaching programme which enables you to find the work you would really love to do. "Life is a promise; fulfil it."

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"Firstly I would just like to say a massive thank-you for the fantastic weekend I've just got home from. The learning & growing I experienced in just those 2 days has definitely given me the solid foundation I needed to get my Life Coaching Practice off the ground. I'm also extremely grateful for the amount of business information you have shared with us’"

Karen Pitt