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Remarkable Relationships

RELATIONSHIP DESTINY – Are all your relationships working for you? Do you feel an equal in every respect with all the people you encounter at home and at work?
This 30 day dynamic personal change programme is a must, if you want to be in control of your relationships and make them work for you rather than against you.

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As you work through your 30 day programme you will discover suggestions, examples and ideas based on over 12 years of being a personal life coach, my extensive corporate knowledge (20 years+) and lengthy experience of running my successful coaching and coach training organisation. During this time I have assisted thousands of people with their relationship challenges to find easy to use solutions which can be put into practice immediately. This programme gives you the space and time to consider all the relationships in which you are involved. You will identify what is working, how to replicate it and transfer these skills to the relationships which are not working for you. You will discover how you behave in a certain manner, and why that person always makes you feel and act in an un-resourceful way. Learn how to stop feeling insecure, inadequate, incompetent and grateful if the boss or the boss’s boss speaks to you. Know the secrets of how to act as an equal and how to feel an equal. This programme is full of tips on how to control your negative responses and not burst into tears or scream and shout when the other person is acting in an inappropriate manner.

Learn inner strength techniques which will give you the freedom to engage in any of your relationships as an equal and feel in control and fully confident about your life. You will look at all the different relationships: work colleagues, life partner, family, friends, casual acquaintances, networks and any relationship which affects your life and your happiness. You will decide how those relationships will work for you rather than just reacting and allowing relationships to drain your energy. This is a very powerful programme and you need to fully engage yourself to take your relationships to the next level. Imagine a year today and you are still having the same old struggles and arguments. Are you ready now to transform your relationships?