Platinum Diploma

The Early Bird Platinum Protégé Option is the supreme route to the LCH Diploma. You will be working on a 1-2-1 mentoring programme with Curly Martin the pioneer of life coach training in Europe. Please note that places on the Platinum Option are highly sought after and limited.

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' Dear Curly
I cannot describe in words what you have done for me, but hear goes. I am so pleased that I chose to go on the ‘Platinum Course’ and with the tools that you gave me empowered me to achieve what I thought was impossible! Curly you showed me how to grow within myself and think out of the box, moving me forward and yet you did this at the right times, you knew when I was ready for the next level and not before – your mentoring was inspirational to me, your motivation and ahh that kick I needed to get my mind into shape was excellent – how I still remember it every time my mind wanders! I read your book all the time and each time I learn something new – amazing! You helped me overturn a lot of my self beliefs that were deeply embedded in my mind – thank you. I recommend the ‘Platinum Course’ to everyone to have one of the finest leading coaches mentoring you is breathtaking not to say so insightful and enlightening, I have now a successful practice which without your knowledge and mentoring I would never even embarked.
Warm wishes and may you always be successful'
Tasneem Hussain