Silver Plus Diploma

The Early Bird Silver Plus Option is an affordable mentored route to the highly sought after LCH Diploma. With a personalised 1-2-1 mentoring plan. This Option has all the aspects of the Silver Option with the added support of one of our world leading top mentors working with you on an individual basis.

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'Dear Curly, I couldn't wait to wake up and send you this email. I would like to THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME A MINDBLOWING £139,000!!!!!!
If I had not attended your course I would not have been able to become a member on your members Acheivers Club and I would not have met the person who is in my coaching circle. We are both working very hard and developing our goals and techniques. I am being coached on my finance and savings, within 24 hours I was transformed from saving a £100 a month to a whopping £139,000!!!! (yes, one hundred and thirty nine thousand) It was an amazing experience and I am very excited for my future. And this is just the beginning! I will be so proud when I graduate from your outstanding and very professional “Universe”. You are not only coaching us you are keeping us together and we know that we can connect with you at any time. Thank you again and I will be updating you very soon.
Have a successful day!' Andrea x
P.S.: I got engaged on the 7th January. I hope you can come to the wedding whenever that will be…..