The Business Coaching Handbook

Everything You Need To Be Your Own Business Coach

Compiled for business entrepreneurs who have achieved the first goal of getting their enterprise up and running, or have been operating their own professional practice or business for a few years and now want to take it to the next level. The Business Coaching Handbook. Everything You Need To Be Your Own Business Coach by Curly Martin Published 2007 ISBN: 9781845900601
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Set in a user-friendly format, The Business Coaching Handbook coaches the reader through a step-by-step process to business improvement. This book is not only invaluable for the new business owner, it is the must have book for all business coaches as it provides indispensable information and highly effective activities, challenges and exercises for the business coach to use with clients.

"The Business Coaching Handbook is a brilliant follow-on book from Master Coach Curly Martin. In the same direct & accessible style as the best selling 'Life Coaching Handbook', Curly leads the reader through the literal minefield of business processes like a beacon, so not only are we aware of where we are going but we also understand the most appropriate actions to make along the way. This book is priceless for the fresh business entrepreneur in the early stages of their business development, as well as being an invaluable resource of inspiration and ideas for more seasoned professionals.

The Business Coaching Handbook manages to be almost encyclopaedic in its scope, whilst remaining concise and relevant, with a host of cutting edge techniques, tools & action steps to guide us along our paths to success. The pages in this book are steeped with 20 years of solid business coaching experience from the author, making it an essential powerhouse guide for any entrepreneur wishing to excel in their business. I shall be recommending it unreservedly to all of my business colleagues as a must have read." Grant Willcox - 2Excel Coaching