The Personal Success Handbook

Everything You Need To Be Successful

The Personal Success Handbook offers the reader effective and quick, techniques, methodologies, tips, ideas, inspiration and practical guidance needed for success. Personal Success is a matter of choice! The Personal Success Handbook. Everything You Need To Be Successful by Curly Martin. Published 2008 ISBN: 9781845900908
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You choose your level of success by the actions you take, the decisions you have made in the past and the decisions you make now. This book enables you to make the right choices towards living a truly successful life.

"I love books that make a difference - and the Personal Success Handbook is one of those! Packed full of useful ideas, it gives direction and a sense of purpose as you read it. It focuses attention on the practical and possible action steps needed to move anyone's life forward in all areas. The illustrative stories add to our understanding and the many exercises and activities woven throughout the text, encourage us gently but firmly, along the path of change. Easy to read, free of jargon, thought provoking and purposeful - a book for those people serious about life improvement - so LET'S DO IT!"
Gill Fielding
(Secret Millionaire, ITV Channel 4)