Platinum Diploma Early Bird

The Early Bird Platinum Protégé Option is the supreme route to the LCH Diploma. You will be working on a 1-2-1 mentoring programme with Curly Martin the pioneer of life coach training, known as the grandmother of life coach training. Please note that places on the Platinum Option are highly sought after and limited. Full International accreditation. Visit the life coaching pages for full details and course syllabus. The Early Bird must be paid in full 30 days before the course workshop.

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'Since 29th of June until tonight (31 July) I have doubled the profit I wanted to achieve. My first goal was for 3 months and my 2nd for 6. I have achieved my 6 month goal Curly! Unbelievable! It has only been 1 month!'
Nicci Roscoe

‘Dear Curly, I have received my Diploma in Life Coaching, a year after I decided to take a course at Achievement Specialists with you as my mentor. The results I have achieved in that period are in accordance with my goals, many of my closest friends thought were sky high: I have started my practice successfully, become a columnist in a leading business magazine in my country, got my first book published and positioned myself as a leading coach in Croatia. Although I live in Croatia and received a diploma from the course in England, when I say that I have done my studies through distant learning, everyone is surprised: they simply presume I must have spend a year in England and are trying to figure out what did it cost me to get the diploma. It takes simple but powerful ingredients: self-discipline, motivation and a mentor who knows how to help you polish your potential. In my experience distant learning is a powerful tool: it takes only one visit so we could establish the personal contact, everything else is workable over Internet, Skype and e-mail. I know you are proud of my achievements and I am too.’ Tatjana Divjak L.C.H.Dip. Zagreb, Croatia