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Is your job fabulous, satisfying, wonderful and marvelous? Are you excited that a new day has arrived and you can go to work? Have you been overlooked for promotion? Does your heart sink on the journey into work?


This 30 day dynamic personal change programme is a must, if you want to be in control of your career.

When you know you are in the wrong job or the wrong organisation you can change with this programme. You will discoverl what your life purpose really is and what careers will take you there. You will learn how to apply for that dream job by writing the must interview curriculum vitae/job application form. The programme contains advice on what the interviewer is looking for and how to appeal to those needs, and tips on what to do before, during and immediately after your interview.

Study how to identify the most powerful people within the organization and then influence them by using the techniques in the programme to achieve the outcome you desire. Decide now to know what you want to achieve in life. Jump out of bed on a wet Monday knowing you are in the right job and with a big smile on your face! You can you know – I do! Just follow the programme and continue the changes until you have the life you want.. The daily reminder will spur you on towards deciding on the job you want and taking steps to get that job! For less than a cup of coffee a day!

List of daily sessions for ‘Coach yourself to Career Success’

1 to 5 General Background

1. Success defined

2. Limitations

3. Bridge the gap

4. Questions

5. Insights

6 to 10 Life Purpose

6. Wants

7. Uniqueness

8. Needs

9. Definition

10. Values

11 to 15 Setting Goals


12. Smart

13. Priorities

14. Consequences

15. Resources

16 to 19 CVs

16. CV Intro

17. Content

18. Application forms

19. Cover letter

20 to 24 Interviews

20. Prepare for Interview

21. Checklists

22. Common questions

23. Interview types

24. Self employment option

25 to 27 Laws of Influence

25. Introduction to influencing

26. The 9 tools of influence

27. Rapport

28 to 30 And finally

28. A different approach

29. Review of your current career

30. Review

Coaches Tool Kit

"Thank you so much for the downloads to destiny. I coach teenagers and they are sometimes reluctant to answer direct questions but are happy to fill in a questionnaire. I've used Curly's Confidence and Career Downloads to Destiny with very much success. The Career one is more relevant for people who are already in employment and are looking for a change until day 7 when the questions take them right back to the root of why they do what they do and are really useful for students. They are great tools for anyone coaching clients on their career. I have found the Confidence downloads are priceless right from the start, as they ask the questions that get people to really question and process their beliefs. I have found using the downloads made my work as a coach so much easier as they provided a helping hand. I would definitely buy more Downloads to Destiny as they become more relevant to my coaching. " Anastasia Attiki

Coaching Reviews

"I just wanted to thank you for posting the BBC request for a life coach on the Achievers' Forum and giving me the opportunity to work with the BBC. I completed 2 days filming with the BBC last week and they will be editing the tape and showing it to the commissioners at the BBC over the next month or so. It was a fabulous experience though very hard work with a lot of preparation. Many thanks again for the opportunity."

Julie Edge

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