Coach yourself to Confidence

This 30 day programme covers a multitude of highly successful and proven tools, techniques, methods, tips and ideas for confidence building. I have pulled together all the things I have used on myself and with my clients, for building confidence to be able to tackle any situation where you find yourself needing confidence. There are several different ways of dealing with very difficult people to get the outcome you want. Preparing yourself with confidence for future events and ways to influence people and outcomes. This programme builds daily into a packed tool kit of activities to build your confidence. It includes NLP, Transactional Analysis, influencing skills and much, much more…

List of daily sessions for ‘Coach yourself to Confidence’

1 to 5 General confidence

1. What is confidence?

2. The 4 P’s of confidence

3. Tools to support the 4 P’s

4. Positive confidence beliefs

5. Self Talk Cycle

6 to 10 What happens

6. Anchoring confidence

7. Roles of blame and victim

8. Letter to self

9 Passive aggression

10. Confidence for future event

11 to 15 Powerful tools/techniques

11. RAWPOWER: the most powerful strategy

12. Circle of confidence

13. Transactional Analysis 1

14. Transactional Analysis 2

15. Review

16 to 20 Taking control

16. Museum of old confidence beliefs

17. Building rapport for confidence

18. Controlling your emotions

19. Confident influencing

20. 9 tools of influencing = confidence

21 to 25 More tools/techniques

21. NLP – Representational systems and confidence

22. Look, speak and feel confident

23. Your model of confidence

24. Low ‘n’ slow to deal with difficult people or situations

25. DEAP method for complex and gruelling situations

26 to 30 The Confident Mindset

26. Meaning of things

27. Winning mind, winning body

28. Goal setting for confidence

29. Gratitude

30. Action plans to keep this going

Coaches Tool Kit

"Thank you so much for the downloads to destiny. I coach teenagers and they are sometimes reluctant to answer direct questions but are happy to fill in a questionnaire. I've used Curly's Confidence and Career Downloads to Destiny with very much success. The Career one is more relevant for people who are already in employment and are looking for a change until day 7 when the questions take them right back to the root of why they do what they do and are really useful for students. They are great tools for anyone coaching clients on their career. I have found the Confidence downloads are priceless right from the start, as they ask the questions that get people to really question and process their beliefs. I have found using the downloads made my work as a coach so much easier as they provided a helping hand. I would definitely buy more Downloads to Destiny as they become more relevant to my coaching. " Anastasia Attiki

Coaching Reviews

"I have 5 paying clients , which exceeds my original goals by 6 months, so I am delighted with my progress so far. Thank you again for the weekend that made up my mind."

Gill Webb

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