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On this 30 day programme you will discover suggestions, examples and ideas based on my experience with turning a terminal illness into a happy healthy balanced life style. In 1992 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast and lymphatic cancer and given nine months to live. Now, this is pretty negative news in anyone’s books. At first, I was stunned into paralysis. The situation was overwhelming and I did not know what to do. Slowly, once I had taken my situation on board and faced up to the implications of it, I was able to talk to support groups. Click here

Once I had started finding out about the subject I became fascinated and did more and more research and talked to many different people. I have also drawn upon my 10+ years of running my successful life coaching and coach training organisation to offer insights for this programme.

Remember, I cannot make the changes for you. I provide the tools and information - to get the maximum benefit from them, you must act to change your ideas into dreams and your dreams into reality and start to live a healthy life.

List of daily sessions for ‘Coach yourself to Successful Health’

General Background

1. What does health mean to you?

2. What is your current state of health?

3. The 4 Ps to get you thinking differently about health

4. Tool to support the 4 Ps and dismantle limiting health beliefs

5. Positive beliefs about health and how to create beliefs to support great health

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Nutritional Input

6. Current diet – you are what you eat so let’s take a look in detail

7. Current liquid intake – how do you keep hydrated (keep the wrinkles at bay)

8. Rubbish in, rubbish out

9. Living food – eating foods which will give you energy and boost your life

10. Diet plans – not strict regimes, just a way to gradually change your life

Physical Activities

11. Medical advice

12. RAWPOWER - the most powerful strategies I used to get back to health from cancer

13. Past experiences – how are these affecting your life

14. Variety is the spice – keep introducing new foods

15. 21 day habits – that is all it takes to change, just 21 days. That’s what the experts say

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Mental Impact

16. Thoughts about self and body – get them aligned

17. Self talk cycle – what are you saying to yourself about you?

18. Experts and beliefs (Roger Banister/Buster Martin)

19. Brain games

20. 21 day habits

Spiritual Health

21. What does spiritualism mean to you?

22. Giving and receiving and how this will empower you

23. Peacefulness - its importance for creativity

24. Relaxation techniques to relax those muscles and ease that tension

25. 21 day habits

Emotional Health

26. Anchors

27. Transactional Analysis Part 1

28. Transactional Analysis Part 2

29. Review

30. Action plans to keep this going

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You control your DESTINY!

Coaches Tool Kit

"Thank you so much for the downloads to destiny. I coach teenagers and they are sometimes reluctant to answer direct questions but are happy to fill in a questionnaire. I've used Curly's Confidence and Career Downloads to Destiny with very much success. The Career one is more relevant for people who are already in employment and are looking for a change until day 7 when the questions take them right back to the root of why they do what they do and are really useful for students. They are great tools for anyone coaching clients on their career. I have found the Confidence downloads are priceless right from the start, as they ask the questions that get people to really question and process their beliefs. I have found using the downloads made my work as a coach so much easier as they provided a helping hand. I would definitely buy more Downloads to Destiny as they become more relevant to my coaching. " Anastasia Attiki

Coaching Reviews

"LOVED EVERYTHING! Thank you Curly, you are truly an inspiration. This weekend has given me the confidence to be the best person that I can be."

Carole Gerro

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