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Are Money worries squeezing the life out of you? Do you put unopened brown envelopes into a drawer because you cannot face the facts of your financial situation?

Money Matters download course

Make This 30 day dynamic personal change programme is a must, if you want to be in control of your money.

SPECIAL OFFER! Are you sinking under a mountain of debt and don’t know what to do about it? Do you buy a coffee or cake every day? Why that last question? Well, for less than the price of a cup of coffee each day you can take control of your life and financesFind out what net worth means and what your personal net worth is today. Find out why it is imperative that you know this. Make money fun. Use a simple formula to work through your money in – money out; to understand what needs to be done. Start putting in to your life simple changes which when added together over a period of time will change your financial situation. Discover some simple saving tips and how to make your money go further, a plan to take you out of debt and learn to love and respect money so that it is attracted to you.

Learn the money song and have fun singing it – I do and you can too. After my cancer diagnosis left me with no job, no income and a debilitating health regime, I used many different strategies to take myself from poverty of mind, body and soul to today’s successful abundant life, and this programme includes the tips and tactics I used to do this. I have come back from the brink and so can you! Decide to take action now! The daily reminder will spur you on towards financial success

List of daily download sessions for ‘Coach yourself to Money Matters Success’ which will arrive daily in your mailbox. Small easy to manage easy to do daily activities enable you to sort your money out and start to make some more money!

1. Money - what does it mean to you

2. Limiting beliefs about money

3. Outgoings part 1

4. Outgoings part 2

5. Positive beliefs about money

6. Incomings

7. Mental money movie

8. Net worth part 1 – Fixed assets

9. Net worth part 2 – Liquid assets

10. Net worth part 3 – Other assets

11. Liabilities

12. Your total net worth


14. Consequences

15. Resources

16. Budgets

17. Money saving tips part 1

18. Money saving tips part 2

19. Money saving tips part 3

20. Money saving tips part 4

21. Action plan

22. What does risk mean to you?

23. Attitude to risk

24. Income generating ideas part 1

25. Income generating ideas part 2

26. Protect part 1

27. Protect part 2

28. Creating sustainable beliefs about money

29. Review

30. Action plans to keep this going

Coaches Tool Kit

"Thank you so much for the downloads to destiny. I coach teenagers and they are sometimes reluctant to answer direct questions but are happy to fill in a questionnaire. I've used Curly's Confidence and Career Downloads to Destiny with very much success. The Career one is more relevant for people who are already in employment and are looking for a change until day 7 when the questions take them right back to the root of why they do what they do and are really useful for students. They are great tools for anyone coaching clients on their career. I have found the Confidence downloads are priceless right from the start, as they ask the questions that get people to really question and process their beliefs. I have found using the downloads made my work as a coach so much easier as they provided a helping hand. I would definitely buy more Downloads to Destiny as they become more relevant to my coaching. " Anastasia Attiki

Coaching Reviews

"Thank you for an extraordinary weekend. I was challenged, enthralled, captivated and inspired in equal measure."

Patrick Kelly

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