Become a life coach or a business coach running your own coaching practice full or part-time on our Internationally Accredited (IAPC&M) Life Coaching Course. We use specialist training techniques (designed by the leading authority on life coach training, Curly Martin) to uniquely combine your background and skills with our expertise, making in-depth learning fast, fun and easy. We teach and you practice, all the models you need to be an exceptional life coach or business coach and we show you how to start and how to market your own coaching business.


'Thank you for the great course. It was hard work but, having put together courses myself to teach, I was really impressed with the way that the coursework is very practical and is clearly intended to make you a better coach. Definitely the best course I have ever done, no question. I was thinking of approaching the person you recommended to do my website. Is she still active in this area? Finally, thank you again for the great course. I feel that, not only do I have an excellent qualification to supplement the others I have, but now an excellent training in life coaching which I can now wrap these around. Take care Curly and very best wishes for the future, Shane.' Dr Shane Fudge. Received on 10th August 2020. (High praise coming from someone who will have had to attend many courses for his doctorate)

COVID-19 FREE BONUS AND 25% OFF! We are offering LIVE interactive online workshops to get you started on the course and begin building your coaching business. Once we are able to offer the face to face workshops - you have the choice of attending on a date to suit you once we are able to offer face to face training OR you can qualify from the live streaming events, or you can do both. Call free 08001910200 for more details. Live Online Testimonials: ‘First of all many thanks for a very inspiring course over the last two days. Although there was a huge amount covered it was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with you and the others.’ A D Chrystal 2/4/20 - I absolutely loved everything about the course; the content, the delivery, the ease with which Curly took us from the theory to putting concepts into practice. I felt that everything I needed to be covered had been included in the correct depth. I can't recommend the course enough! Well done Curly and Achievement specialists' team! Mica Vidal Taylor In Chile 4/4/20

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'A lovely inspiring, uplifting and funny read. Reaffirms to seize the day, every day!' Prue Gent

Full of tips,tools, techniques,and the secrets Curly Martin used to overcome cancer. How she now lives a passionate, exciting, healthy, wealthy, happy life. Curly Martin was diagnosed with breast cancer, and an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer in 1992 and she was given nine months to live. At that time she became homeless and was unemployed. This book is all about her fascinating and funny 20 year journey from cancer to coaching. Her story tells of her passage through the conventional medical approach consisting of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is rapidly followed by funny tales of her experimenting with alternative therapies, sampling some weird concoctions and cultivating unusual remedies.

Since the terminal diagnosis, she has become an international bestselling author of, The Coaching Handbook Series of books. She is a highly sought-after international speaker, a pioneer of life coach training and the founder of a very successful training company, Achievement Specialists Limited. She intuitively combines her personal experiences with accepted methodologies and cutting edge innovations, to create exciting, very entertaining and effective approaches to living a healthy, happy and successful life.

'A very interesting, amusing, and thought provoking book. A good, easy read. I love the fact that the author did not accredit her health and recovery to any one thing - but all the 'little steps.' Jackie Hammans


Your health bonus free gift is 5 days of my Download To Destiny (D2D download2destiny) Health series. A hand full of inspiration to change your health because,

Health Is In Your Hands.

This bonus gift offers suggestions, models and ideas based on my experience with turning a terminal illness into a happy healthy balanced life style. This 5 day programme forms the first part of a full 30 day Download To Destiny™

In 1992 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast and lymphatic cancer and given nine months to live. Now, this is pretty negative news in anyone’s books. At first, I was stunned into paralysis. The situation was overwhelming and I did not know what to do. Slowly, once I had taken my situation on board and faced up to the implications of it, I was able to talk to support groups. Once I had started finding out about my health I became fascinated and did more and more research and talked to many different people from health professionals to medical professors. I have done the research so that you do not have to.

One of the greatest learnings for me was completely believing and fully understanding that my health was in my own hands and this means that your health is also in your hands. I cannot make the changes for you. I provide the tools and information and if you want to get the maximum benefit from these tools, you must act to change your current habits. I have made this easy by putting together a daily activity programme for you to get started. As soon as you realise you can affect your health and healing it can be very liberating.

You take back control and turn your health ideas into dreams and your dreams into reality you can start a healthier life today. Download your bonus 5 day starter.

Contents of Health Is In Your Hands BONUS

A secret to good health lies is what you believe about yourself. Get your beliefs and thoughts right and you are nearly there!

You have five digits on your hand and this is little bonus gift gives you a hand full of inspiration to change your health.

The five day starter contents


What does health mean to you? Let’s cut right to the chase. How do you define ‘health success?’ Forget the clichés that you may have heard in seminars or read in books. This course is about your life and your health, so take personal responsibility and think for yourself.


What is your current state of health?

Today, I want you to be honest with yourself about what you believe health means. Let me give you some examples to get you started and then I want you to think about the past and what you heard said about health in your family, by your friends, by your work colleagues and anyone you have been in contact with.

Health is hard to keep up

Running is for geeks

Healthy body healthy mind

Why walk when you can ride?

To keep healthy you must go to a gym

All the vitamins and minerals we need are already in our food


The 4 Ps to get you thinking differently about health.

You learn about the 4 Ps to healthy thoughts. Today I want you to listen to what you say to yourself about health and every time you hear yourself saying something negative just pick one of the 15 positive sayings above and say that instead.


Tool to support the 4 Ps and dismantle limiting health beliefs

Today we are going to look at your limiting beliefs about health. You are going to discover a tool to support the 4 P statements you have already created. You will learn what creates a belief and how to easily dismantle any limiting health beliefs.


Positive beliefs about health and how to create beliefs to support great health

Today you are going to use the table top analogy to create positive beliefs to support the healthy life style you want. You are going to create your beliefs; the ones you want. Do you know what is the most important belief you want to hold regarding your health? You will!

This 5 day programme is free to you as a bonus gift. This 5 day programme forms the first part of a full 30 day Download To Destiny™ !Buy the whole 30 day programme

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"I have 5 paying clients , which exceeds my original goals by 6 months, so I am delighted with my progress so far. Thank you again for the weekend that made up my mind."

Gill Webb