Once you have booked you will be sent joining instructions with an in depth goal setting exercise via email for you to complete whilst you wait for your blended learning pack to arrive. The goal setting activity requires that you define your life and business goals to prepare you for your new future as a coach. This activity is carefully designed to give you maximum flexibility as a coach, so that you are able to offer your clients not only the usual client questionnaires which other coaches offer, you are also able to offer goal setting in form format, which appeals to corporate and business clients and this format can accelerate achievement. There is a comprehensive client questionnaire available to you as a download document from the Achievers Club (members area) which you can add to your tool box giving you total flexibility for working with all types of clients; those who prefer working with forms and those who like to answer questions. You will become experienced with both formats and therefore are able to offer alternatives during your coaching sessions.

Below is an overview of the topics covered in each section of the blended learning assignments. Each section is supported by video training and over 80 audio master classes (sent on USB or download) to accelerate your learning.


Life Coaching Defined

  • What is Life Coaching?
  • Who hires a Life Coach and why hire a Life Coach?
  • Benefits of Life Coaching.


Goal Setting - supported by video and audio master classes

  • Discover goals/aims which are important to you and apply these techniques with your clients.
  • Preparing goal plans. Discover the effects of visual representation of goals by compiling and using your own Goals Of The Heart Chart.

Result Based Coaching

  • How to employ this unique Life Coaching format to add focus and detail to your coaching process.

I-CAN-DO© Coaching Model - supported by video and audio master classes

  • Unique Copyright model of Life Coaching which is easy to remember, flexible and effective for personal and corporate coaching clients. Find out how to adapt this model for outstanding results.


Beliefs - supported by video and audio master classes

  • Discover any limiting beliefs you have and learn quick and effect methods to change them to empowering beliefs.
  • Construct your own empowering beliefs about being an outstanding Life Coach
  • Find powerful InCANtations to support your Life Coaching practice and skills.


Values - supported by video and audio master classes

  • Use the adapted problem solving technique for amazing and revealing values elicitation to find your values hierarchy and use when working with your clients to help them discover the effects that values misalignment has on reaching their goals.


Communication with NLP - supported by video and audio master classes

  • Rapport strategies, representational systems, five powerful language tips to enhance your coaching, listening filters that hinder or help the coaching process and NLP questioning techniques. NLP communication skills for coaches, such as, representational systems, metaphoric linguistic models, meta language patterns, rapport building, clean language patterns, embedded language are also covered in this section.


Starting Your Practice - supported by video and audio master classes

  • Four essentials for starting your practice
  • How to add Five enhancing items for building your practice
  • How to avoid making the 5 most common mistakes coaches make when starting a practice.

Developing Your Practice

  • Using the briefing matrix
  • Why have a Life Coaching charter?

R.A.B.I.T© Client Generating Model - supported by video and audio master classes

  • This Copyright model is very effective and simple to use to expand and grow your practice by converting enquiries into paying clients easily and successfully. Adapted NLP selling skills, such as, representational systems, metaphoric linguistic models, meta language patterns, rapport building, clean language patterns, embedded language are also covered in this section.


Administration, Safety & Government Regulations

  • Pricing, invoicing, ensuring payment, V.A.T, income tax, National Insurance, stationary, equipment etc.
  • Working from home or meeting clients - safety issues. Safety tips and hints for working alone
  • Prepare and protect your Life Coaching practice in advance of government regulation.
  • H.M.R.C compliance
  • VAT rules and regulations
  • Self-Employed, Part-Time, Limited Company - The pros and cons of each option
  • Online Dispute Resolution - Website must have a link
  • Email address must be visible

PCI DSS compliance;Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard;is a mandatory requirement for any business accepting credit or debit card payments.


Marketing Your Practice - supported by video and audio master classes

  • Four things you should know when promoting your practice
  • What works and what you should avoid
  • Niche marketing. You will have decided on your niche market and produced your materials.
  • Image creation covers the vision statement, mission statement, branding and strap lines for marketing your business.
  • Public relations and media strategies How to write a press release. What to put on business cards to stand out from the rest. Using the list of Benefits of Life Coaching compiled by your course participants for kick-starting your marketing.
  • NLP marketing skills for coaches, such as, representational systems, metaphoric linguistic models, meta language patterns, rapport building, clean language patterns, embedded language are also covered in this section.
  • I-CAN-DO marketing model.


  • The how and what to say if asked to present at a breakfast meeting or group of interested people
  • 6 Dynamic, outstanding and original presentation openings and contents for speaking about your practice which will inspire and enthuse potential clients
  • How to increase your client base by doing a coaching demonstration
  • Hints and tips for professional presentation skills.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Manual Section

  • Your own record of your personal development within the Life Coaching profession. It contains forms for you to record, maintain and keep in the event of future government legislation for Life Coaches. This fully maintained section will provide you with all the necessary information to submit for a licence should the need arise. No need to worry about any future legislation.


This is your starter pack and it contains the unformatted forms you will need to start your practice and maintain records. All you have to do is decide on your logo and print it on the forms and send out immediately to your clients. A coaching practice in an instant.

Code of Conduct

  • What are your moral guidelines?

I Promise Pledge

  • Clients commitment, knowing what is expected, the framework for working in partnership with you.

Client Enrolment/Registration

  • Forms you can use or adapt to suit your own method of working.

Client Record

  • Forms for keeping records of your client details and progress.

Contract/Agreement Letter

  • This letter contains a basic contract for your client to sign and return to you. It contains the fundamental agreements you have made with your client and a section for client signature and date. This agreement could protect you from any litigation.

Goal Setting Forms

  • Several different forms for goal setting. You can choose the most effective form or the form you prefer using.

Life Coaching Forms

  • R.A.B.I.T© and I-CAN-DO© forms are freely given to you to use in your practice, along with other useful forms you can use or adapt to suit your style of working.

Future Of A Life Coach

  • Specialisations such as

Parent coach, career coach, relationship coach, corporate coach, executive coach, small business coach, results coach, medical coach, doctors coach, sales coach, marketing coach, confidence coach, management coach, CEO coach, life style designer coach, the list is as endless as the uniqueness of the people joining this fabulous profession.


You chose when you want to attend the workshop so you benefit the most from the experience. There are two workshops included in the diploma; the one described below is the main workshop and there is a final assessment workshop, which has optional attendance, you can select to complete this part of the diploma as a distant learning activity. We have many overseas clients who prefer the latter option which saves them valuable time and money traveling back to the UK. You choose which suits you best. The 2 day workshop is held at the weekend so working delegates can also attend.

Starts 8.45

Getting to know you

ICANDO Life coaching REAL LIFE (no roleplay) demonstration

Starting, expanding & closing a coaching session

Mind mapping client record keeping tool

You become the REAL LIFE (no roleplay) coach

Listening skills test

How to actively listen with intention & empathy

25 essential questions coaches need to ask

Mental blinking effects on coaching

NLP representational systems for coaching

NLP Coaching Metaphors & when to use them

NLP Never words - words to avoid when Coaching

NLP Cartesian question technique

Impact of bad body language + correct body language

Voice tonality to inspire & energise clients

Values elicitation Licenced Tool

Values hierarchy - importance of knowing your top values

Task Priority Tool for clients with too many tasks

Marketing: branding, vision, mission statements & straplines

Marketing collateral 1 - tangible (business cards, stationery, etc.)

Marketing collateral 2 - intangible (social media, websites, etc.)

Target marketing & adjacent market influencing

How to select the right niche market for you

ROI versus IOB marketing techniques

Psychology of Buying

ICANDO marketing

ICANDO Life coaching model REAL LIFE Practice (no roleplays)

REAL LIFE coaching using Cartesian Questions & Metaphors

Quick access Remembering Exercise

Summary of learning

Evening activity (unsupervised)

Close of day 6.30pm
Starts 8.30

How to present your business to potential clients

Presenting tips & techniques

Minute To Win It on your niche market

Easy ways to get the opportunities to present your business

Preparing scripts to leave on answer machines

RABIT model - enquiry converter

Converting an enquiry into a client demonstration

Designing your coaching packages

Pricing your coaching packages using buying psychology

Practice converting enquiry using your prices & Micro coaching

Closing a sale using alternative closing technique

How to Ethically close a coaching programme

When & how to ask for testimonials & legal rights to use them

How to ask for referrals in a respectful ethical way

Legal requirements when offering discount

Business start-up - enrolment forms, contractual letters & T&C’s

Business setup - self-employed, limited company/partnership,

HMRC laws, rules and regulations

Data Protection Act & Information Commissioner's Office

Online Dispute Resolution legal requirements

PCI DSS compliance

Professional & public liability insurance

Financial record keeping (what to keep & how to keep them)

Consumer Act (previously known as the Sales of Goods Act)

Belief change model & Self-Talk cycle

Creating positive beliefs about your coaching skills & business

REAL LIFE coaching using Cartesian Questions, Metaphors &

Meta-position coaching

Your 6 month action plan for qualifying & business setup

Quick access Remembering Exercise

Summary of learning

Close of workshop just before 5pm

Workshop Details

Practical Coaching Activities - During this workshop you will experience 14 separate practical coaching sessions using the goals you prepared in PART 1. The sessions will be arranged in the following format:- being the coach, being coached and giving observational feedback on coaching. Using the highly effective ICANDO© coaching model. All of theses sessions will be supervised sessions and when you are the coach you will be coaching for between 30 - 45 minutes each time. This does not include the coaching demonstrations.

Communication – You will take part in a listening assessment exercise to gauge your current listening abilities and given listening models and strategies to improve your listening skills. You will discover your questioning style and be offered alternatives to give you maximum flexibility when working with clients and thus avoiding the situation where do you do not know what to ask next. You are shown how to eliminate any unconscious negative language patterns and replace them with positive statements. You will learn how and when to use the Cartesian Questioning Technique, a powerful process which gives your clients profound and fast results.

NLP communication skills for coaches, such as, representational systems, metaphoric linguistic models, meta language patterns, Milton language patterns, rapport building, clean language patterns, embedded language are also covered in this section.

Values – You will have your core values elicited using a Licenced values system and you will practice eliciting someone’s values. Values are the cornerstone to outstanding coaching and this system is licensed to you as part of the coaching diploma. You are free to use this powerful licensed tool with your clients which will elevate your coaching way above most of the competition. Other coach training organisations teach values but they do not have access to this 3 step system which sets our coaches apart from the crowd.

Marketing – During this section you will discover over 30+ benefits of life coaching which you can use to create your marketing and website. You will touch, see and discuss a myriad of marketing examples from corporate through SME (small, medium enterprises) to personal life coaching. You will use our methodology for deciding on your niche market and prepare your marketing strategy. You will learn how to promote and grow your Life Coaching practice through an exceptional networking, referrals and presentations system. You will be shown marketing strategies, including social network marketing, with the added extra, how to use QR codes in your marketing to increase your website traffic and profile. Learn about vision, mission and value statements. The marketing examples are available for you to look at, handle and ask about throughout the entire workshop. At the end of this session you will have a complete personalised niche marketing sphere of excellence.

Pricing Your Coaching - Decide on your pricing policy by choosing an approach best suited to your style from the easy to use pricing models. Learn about buying strategies and how they will have impact on your success as a coach. Find out how to adjust your own pricing strategy to match the buying strategies of your niche market clients so that you charge what they expect to pay!

Promoting your practice – You will discover how to promote your coaching practice using a minute to win it and a thirty second commercial process (which is a lot of fun!). You will have supervised practice of using the highly effective and simple to use, RABIT© model which we show you how to skilfully combine with a micro coaching session using your very own marketing and pricing strategies which you will have created on day one. You will discover the power of testimonials and referrals and learn a simple step-by-step process to make asking for them as easy and as much fun as child’s play. Design your own scripts to use in any promotional situation rather than using standard parrot scripts. NLP selling and marketing skills for promoting your practice, such as, representational systems, metaphoric linguistic models, meta language patterns, rapport building, clean language patterns, embedded language are also seamlessly incorporated in this section so that you experience NLP in action.

"I have had a fantastic time, learnt so much. The one thing that I wasn't looking forward to, closing a sale, I enjoyed the most. This was because it removed barriers for me and gave me a strategy to use. Thank you." Kim Furnish

Starting up in business - During this session you will learn about, Safety, Insurance, HM Revenue and Customs, PAYE, VAT, Pensions, Record keeping – Data Protection Act 1988, NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements), contractual agreements, Health & Safety, Sole Trading, Limited Liabilities, Partnerships, Audited accounts, Companies House and other aspects related to business set-up.

Beliefs – This is a life changing session! Not our words but the words of many of our delegates, some have said that this session alone was worth the course fee! You will discover some of your limiting beliefs and the price you have paid for believing in them. Using a powerful technique of decide, dismantle and replace you will construct powerful beliefs to support you at the start, during the growth and along the journey of becoming an outstanding life coach. You will learn the table top and suitcase methods of dismantling beliefs. The self-talk cycle combined with the 3 P statement model will give you a fast belief construction tool to use on yourself and with your clients.

Coaching circles – you will join a coaching circle at the end of the workshop; with someone to coach and someone to coach you with an observer to continue to give you structured feedback on you use of the coaching models, NLP techniques, language patterns, limiting beliefs, value elicitations etc.. You have to complete 50 coaching hours post workshop to qualify for the diploma and your coaching circle is the start of the process for you along with being given your Coaching Log Book.

Achievers Club access codes – at the end of the workshop you will be given your access code to the Achievers Club where you can ask questions of Mentors and other coaches, contribute to the discussions, download a myriad of documents to augment your learning, advertise your life coaching practice, upload your photograph and much, much more.

Distant learning manuals – you will receive your distant learning manual, your continuous professional development (CPD) manual and your starter kit. Depending on the option you invested in you will also receive all the multi-media products and coaching books and details of your private mentor.


L.C.H. diploma accreditation:

To qualify for L.C.H. diploma accreditation the following has to be completed:

1) Completion of the activities and post modular assignments within workbook Sections 1-8

2) A copy of your coaching log minimum of 50 hours - Page 21 in section 9

3) Thesis of not less than 3,000 and not greater than 3,100 words

4) Two case studies of clients (not other trainee coaches)

5) Two 30-45 minute recorded coaching sessions - two different clients. (total of two sessions)

Section 9 and 10 in the workbook are for you to keep there is no need to send them to be marked.


This final part of the diploma can be done in the comfort of your own home or at an optional workshop. The assessment consists of a multiple choice examination paper, which test that the absolute key learning’s have been learnt and understood and prepares you to launch your practice with confidence. You will be encouraged to join the International Institute of Coaching or a similar professional body to continue your immersion in the profession of coaching.

Here are some Life Coach Course Reviews of the life coaching diploma course.

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