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We pride ourselves in our flexibility and customer focus by offering you choices to suit your life style with home study, on-line courses. This means that you can still qualify on the full diploma with us, even if you are physically unable to attend workshops. BONUS, we have added a 1-2-1 mentoring session with ground-breaking author Curly Martin to accelerate your coaching competency and boost your business acumen. This is a unique opportunity, a distance learning course written by the pioneer of life coach training with the added bonus of speaking to her during your own private 1-2-1 master class session. Book Now on an Internationally Accredited Full Diploma course for just £750 + vat. Or if you prefer to attend a life coaching course and to meet the pioneer of life coaching in person.Click Here.


Our  Life Coaching Diploma is accredited by the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring, is available as a distance learning option, to enable all budding coaches a chance to qualify on this high standard course. Imagine you had the opportunity to be taught by one of the Wright Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Jane Austen, or one of your own personal champions or pioneers, where you could watch them perform and be able to ask them about certain aspects of their performance, the ones you want to perfect. Curly is the forerunner of life coach training in Europe, a pioneer and ground-breaking author and you can be taught by her. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

We pride ourselves in flexibility and customer focus by offering you choices to suit your life style. This means that you can afford to train with the best and become a highly skilled life coach.  You can study the entire course from home or work at a time to suit you.  Our aim is to make our prestigious life coaching diploma as accessible as possible. We want to allow you to acquire the skills, training and qualifications you want, in a fully supported way that offers you complete flexibility.

We know that learning from home sometimes needs time management and willpower at times, which is why we ensure you're not alone. You have access to our expert Tutors, Mentors and fellow delegates via the Achievers Club, so you'll never feel alone.

Course includes:
  1. Pre Study includes guided reading to prepare you for the models and strategies used during life coaching. You will be sent a signed copy of The Life Coaching Handbook. Everything you need to be an effective life coach by Curly Martin. You will also receive the Goal Planning activity, for you to complete your goal plan on how to introduce training as a life coaching and building your business, into your life with maximum results and minimum disruption. Keeping your life in balance whilst growing your life coaching practice.
  2. Membership of the Achievement Specialists’ Achievers Club. The focal point of the Achievers Club is the Discussion Forum. This is where ideas are shared, corporate coaching contracts are posted, requests for life coaches are made, and wide-ranging questions are asked and answered.
  3. Copy of the CD/DVD set which includes 3 visual/audio CD’s (visual media on your computer) of highlights of ALL the 9 sessions of Curly Martin training on the weekend workshop with demonstrations of all models used and also includes a demonstration of Curly coaching a client.
  4. All the recorded master classes volume 1 & 2 on CD in mp3 format for you to listen to time again on a huge variety of coach improvement topics.
  5. One 45 minute mentoring session, via Skype, with Curly Martin (rrp £450), once you have qualified to fast track your coaching business with her unique insights. 
    Hi Curly, Just wanted to let you know that I have had the most productive and amazing week since the mentoring session and to say thank you again for it. I have a meeting  with an organisation in London to talk with them about coaching their young people and parents,  have coached 2 writers, set up domains and phones etc etc the list goes on- am not even a heavy caffeine drinker!! Anyway you get the picture! Hope you are having some time to enjoy the sun while we have it.  Best wishes Alex Moate. New Creations Coaching  
  6. Self study modules. Your Life Coaching manual/workbook. The manual contains 9 fully accredited, comprehensive self study modules so you can learn via home study.  The complete manual, thesis, practical coaching sessions and final assessment paper are all fully supported by E-mentors. You have access to the E-mentors 24 hours per day within the Achievers Club. E-group and E-mail assistance.  [View Course Content ]  
  7. Total study time maximum 300-350 hours including pre-course study, workbook completion, marketing materials, marketing strategy, business start-up of your life coaching practice, coaching log and final assessment.  And wait ….. There is more…..
  8. Your individual niche marketing strategy. This will enable you to focus your marketing efforts and target specific prospects for your life coaching practice. Thus, accelerating your marketing responses and coaching clients. The marketing strategies including social network marketing, with the added extra, how QR codes can increase your website traffic and profile.
  9. Unlimited recorded telephone master classes. Over 50 hours of recorded master classes are available for you to listen to on the volume 1 & 2 CD's. Plus you have access to extra topics via the Achievers Club.
  10. Unlimited live telephone master classes. You can participate in all the live master classes. The topics are notified in advance in your achievers area. 
  11. Unlimited mentor Email Support & mentored E-Group Support for during and after you have qualified.
  12. Full L.C.H. Diploma qualification.  And wait ….. There is more…..
  13. You will learn how to promote and grow a Life Coaching practice through networking, referrals, covering all basic business and marketing principles.
  14. The main UK business options, self employed, limited liability company (Ltd.), limited liability partnership (LLP) or ordinary partnerships, will be explored and the advantages and disadvantages, along with business insurance, data protection, contractual agreements, etc.. You will know where to go and what to do, for setting up your coaching practice.
  15. A Life Coaching Starter Kit - (includes enrolment/registration forms, client contracts, coaching model forms, strategy forms, client preparation forms, client agreement letters, etc..). Forms which are needed to instantly set up a Life Coaching practice.
  16. A personally signed copy of The Life Coaching Handbook. Everything You Need To Be An Effective Life Coach.
  17. Your entry in the Coaches Page of our website. Your picture and biography can be displayed on Our Coaches page of the Achievement Specialists website. Giving you coach kudos and the opportunity to generate clients from our website.
  18. Client lead generation opportunity becomes activated from the moment you put your entry onto the Coaches section of our website. These leads are prospective paying clients looking for a coach. We consistently advertise our website and traffic comes to the website because of the outstanding reputation of Curly Martin this means you can benefit from two very powerful lead generating systems. 
  19. Discounted professional indemnity and public liability insurance has been arranged for you to take advantage of once you become one of our coaches.
  20. Training created by the groundbreaking expert pioneer of Life Coaching, Curly Martin. Remember that Curly Martin’s book ‘The Life Coaching Handbook’ was the first book published worldwide on the subject. Give yourself the best chance of success as a life coach and train with a world leading expert.
  21. Free life membership to the Achievers Club (no annual fees) which is an online coach resource area and a lively coach community. ‘I think the Achievers' Club is great (I love the name, too!). I visit the Members Area every few days, I get involved in the forum and get emails posted to my Inbox relating to the different topic strands. I've found the site to be incredibly useful for getting clients, picking up useful quotes about coaching, finding out info on the Master classes/coaching clinics and for all-round networking with other coaches. Anyone starting off will do well to become involved & for us "older hands" it's a great way to network, contribute info and offer recommendations - it's well worth signing up for. - Nikki Keogh - Performance & Results Coach And wait ….. There is more…..
  22. Access to our Mentor Helpline which is manned by fully qualified, experienced and working life coaches should (on the rare occasion) the Achievers Club not provide the answer.
  23. Your own Professional Development Manual (Provides a continuous record of your coaching development). A safeguard mechanism for future changes in the profession, this maintained document will provide you with evidence to apply for a license should this ever be required by the government.
  24. Eligibility for membership to the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring.  Achievement Specialists has negotiated a rate for our coaches to this prestigious professional accreditation body. We have negotiated the right for our coaches to use the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring logo on marketing materials (IIC members only). This is a hugely valuable benefit and a very low cost. Imagine your business cards with your logo and the logo of this prestigious coaching organisation. What an impact this will have on your prospective clients! The Distant Learning Option investment:

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The Distant Learning Option investment:

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"I just wanted to thank you for posting the BBC request for a life coach on the Achievers' Forum and giving me the opportunity to work with the BBC. I completed 2 days filming with the BBC last week and they will be editing the tape and showing it to the commissioners at the BBC over the next month or so. It was a fabulous experience though very hard work with a lot of preparation. Many thanks again for the opportunity."

Julie Edge

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