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✔Level 7 Accreditation

The Achievement Specialists Gold Option is the most popular fast track route to the LCH Diploma and includes EVERYTHING contained in the Silver Option PLUS extras and 9 private 1-2-1 mentor sessions.

Curly Martin a leading authority on coach training and our senior mentors put together a powerful and dynamic 6-month mentoring plan for the Gold Option on top of the full diploma course. This highly effective mentoring plan includes everything you need to qualify, for business set up, paying clients within the 6 months mentoring period and fast track tips. Your mentor will focus on you and your success, your competencies and importantly your experiences. Together you will only look at topics to consider in line with your chosen niche market. Your personal mentor will guide you and inspire in you a passion for coaching so you will be keen to emulate your mentors successes. Thousands of people have trusted us with their coach training.

The price of your investment to become a life coach is at the bottom of this page.

If you are in any doubt of which option to go for - I say GO FOR GOLD! In addition to the inspirational weekend with Curly herself building on the coaching skills you've learnt from her book, and her brilliant practical marketing advice. You also get the opportunity to be a featured coach on her website. This incredible marketing bonus aimed at interested people generated my first client within days! The Mentoring sessions accelerated my progress in the early days of my practice, and in addition the ongoing lifelong support in the form of Teleclasses, Coaching Clinics, and a Members Forum adds up to one incredible value for money package. Go for it! Carole Dukes L.C.H. Dip

Gold Option includes the 22 Coaching Essentials All Coaches Need To Know from our Silver Option - PLUS Extra 12 Mentoring Sessions in the 8 Boosters below

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Gold Option Includes EVERYTHING in the SILVER OPTION plus the extras below.

You will work with your private Life Coach/Mentor on an individually tailored program designed by you and your mentor to maximize your talents and competencies. Your mentor will be fully qualified and running a successful coaching practice for a minimum of 8 years, he/she will have attended exclusive mentor training with Curly Martin.

Your 6 month mentoring programme consists of nine highly focused 45 minute sessions to inspire and maintain your motivation during your start-up phase. Your mentor will share priceless information on how he/she succeeded and what pitfalls to avoid when building a successful coaching business practice.

Your mentor/coach can use some of the sessions to observe/supervise you coaching one of your clients and afterwards to offer you valuable feedback on your strengths as a coach and ideas on areas where you could improve your skills to enhance the coaching experience for your clients.

You will receive an individual mentor A to Z coaching guide which allows you to select the areas you want to work on with your mentor. Effective and focused approach to saving time to develop your skills in your areas of current weakness.

The International Authority for Professional Coaching Mentoring (IAPCM) has accredited this Life Coaching diploma course Level 7 under the CTECI – Full Coach Training Programme which is its top accreditation for coach training programmes.


The content displayed in the photograph above is our complete range of course content; this photo is representational only and is subject to changes such as; additions, updates, and amalgamations

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Installment Plan Payment Option 0% interest and early bird prices - see the Silver Option!

We offer an INTEREST FREE installment plan which allows you to pay by installments prior to the workshop date and secure the current course price (not affected by any price increases) Please contact the office on 0800 191 0200 for more details.

Life Coach Course Reviews

‘Recently I have completed the Achievement Specialists diploma course and I couldn’t be happier with what I have achieved. The course gave me exactly what I needed to become a confident life coach I have learned how to start and grow my business too. Curly Martin is a real inspiration. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about learning the art of life coaching or just want to improve their life. I look forward to an amazing future ahead... Thank you.’ Dana Safrankova

‘I found The Life Coaching Handbook really comprehensive, deeply insightful, easy to understand and very practical – it really does cut through the coaching jargon present in many other coaching books. That combined with my decision to train with Curly Martin was a real winner. Curly offers the personal touch that so many training organisations lack. After just the weekend which was packed with motivational, inspirational material, expert guidance and hard core business set up advice and tips, I felt confident enough to start coaching straight away and I did!. It was the right decision to train with Achievement Specialists.’ T Groth-Andersen

‘I was looking for a training company to undertake Life Coach training. There are some who say you don't need training, but I wanted to deliver a first class service and in order to do so I wanted to take some training. 4 Years ago I took an introductory Diploma Course with a large national training provider. This is where my initial spark came from. However I was not overly happy with the high pressure sales tactics or the ambiguous nature of the fees and structure of learning. Since then I carried on searching for the right mix of school, flexibility, price and location. In all those years of searching not once did I come across Achievement Specialists. There is an ancient saying, " When the pupil is ready, the Teacher appears" The teacher in this case was Curly Martin and her Achievement Specialist company. I loved the approach, Curly interviews each prospective student before allowing them to sign up. I was pleasantly surprised when she didn't push me to take a higher than necessary package. In fact she helped me chose the right package even though it was lower in cost.

There is preparation work to do before you can come on the course and it makes it possible to progress at an amazing pace over the weekend. I loved the course, the small intimate numbers made getting into the rhythm of the one-to one sessions much quicker and easier. I loved how we used active learning techniques to remember many of the key learning points throughout the day. An ingenious method.

Part of package included a Mentor once the course was over. The Mentor chosen for me was a perfect match, I don't know how Curly does it. Well I have an inkling, she is a very good assessor of people and knows who will work well together. My Mentor has been instrumental in helping maintain the momentum. Mentor coach training I would say that if you are investing in Life Coaching Training, speak with Curly Martin, chose the right package for you and try and afford a Mentor. I loved the whole experience. In my case the choices and package were so right. Curly's drive and enthusiasm is an added bonus. I would wholeheartedly recommend Curly's Achievement Specialist to anyone who asks.’ Paul Thomas

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Coaching Reviews

"No words could express my gratitude firstly, for your book that opened the door for me and so many others and for your gift of magic that you have poured on us all on the course. To live in this new place is indescribable. It carries with it a sense of dignity and ease that I have never ever envisaged. From my heart I thank God for it and I thank you also Curly."

Mary Burke

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"I had a fantastic time, learnt so much. The one thing that I wasn’t looking forward to, closing a sale, I enjoyed the most. This was because it removed barriers for me and gave me a strategy to use (link to leisure). The practice of coaching was so very useful and I really liked the remembering exercises at the end of the days. Thank you! " Kim furnish