Thank you for sharing with us so much invaluable knowledge and for inspiring us. It was truly amazing' Mica Vidal Taylor. In Chile

PLATINUM Coaching IAPCM Level 7 Diploma + Mentoring Sessions With Curly Martin Leading Authority

✔Private Protégé Mentoring sessions with Curly Martin a leading authority on life and business coach training.

✔Your Own Business Starter Kit

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Platinum Option is the premium level protégé route to the LCH Diploma. Please note that places on the Platinum Option are restricted and require the completion of a successful interview with Curly Martin.

'Being accepted onto the Platinum programme really accelerated my development as a coach and I have been amazed at how transformational it has been for me, not just in coaching and setting up my own practice but in all other areas of my life too. My confidence and self-belief has grown massively and my quality of life is so much better now compared with when I first started the programme. In just 6 months, I have gone from zero coaching hours to 80 hours and I have already enrolled several paying clients. My focus and decision-making have improved significantly and I now know precisely what I need to do to continue moving my business forward. Mentoring with Curly truly has transformed my life and my career and I would like to thank Curly for the support and challenge she has provided over the last 6 months. She has enabled me to step outside my comfort zone and without her laser-focused mentoring I definitely would not be where I am now!' Helen Rennie, Rezone Coaching

The Platinum Protégé Option includes EVERYTHING contained in the Silver Option PLUS 12 EXTRAS

The Platinum Protégé Option is the highest route to the LCH Diploma and includes everything contained in the Silver Option PLUS 12 EXTRAS with the added bonus of you becoming one of the inner circle of coaches who have had the guidance and expertise of Curly Martin.

Six months of private, personal protégé mentoring with the world class coach Curly Martin. This is a fast track protégé programme for coaches who really want to take themselves and their business to the next level.


'Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.' Japanese Proverb

The coaching consists of six 45 minute sessions to support you during your start-up, including unique strategies for building your Life Coaching practice, effective niche marketing and adjacent marketing techniques, converting phone calls into paying clients, qualifying within 6 months and much, much, more. Keeping you focused on your goal to become a life coach and protecting your motivation from energy dips due to outside influences and demands. This is a restricted option and a successful interview with Curly is part of the selection process. She will only allow you to take this option if you can demonstrate absolute commitment to building a practice and becoming a successful life coach. You will need to show that you already have thought about your marketing niche and your dedication to putting aside the time to complete the programme and launch your business.

Curly may use sessions to observe/supervise you coaching one of your clients and afterwards to offer you valuable feedback on your strengths as a coach and ideas on areas where you could improve your skills to enhance the coaching experience for your clients.
Some sessions will be Mastermind training covering vast array of topics to enhance your coaching skills. Topics ranging from, Spiral Coaching Modalities, Emotional Freedom Techniques, influencing strategies, transactional analysis coaching, DESC model, TACTICAL networking, business coaching techniques and strategies along with extra personal development methodologies. The topics will be selected with your needs in mind.
Curly will work with you to design your marketing strategy. You will consider the many options available including the standard routes, social media and other options. Enabling you to select the best option based on your niche markets.
Copy of the CD/DVD set which includes 3 visual/audio CD’s or a USB stick (visual media on your computer) of the highlights on the 9 training sessions on the weekend workshop with demonstrations of all models used and also includes Curly coaching a private client.
Volume 1 & volume 2 master classes on CD or USB stick master classes in mp3 format for you to listen to time again on a huge variety of coach improvement topics. Over 100 hours of master classes.
A signed copy of The Business Coaching Handbook. Everything you need to be your own business coach. The second book in the very successful Handbook series.
A signed copy of The Personal Success Handbook. Everything you need to be successful. The third book in the highly sought after Handbook series.
Exclusive business coaching techniques, which will continue to inspire you and captivate you to being the best you can be and to build a coaching business for you to be proud of.
Upon graduation you will be eligible to attend the workshop again as a crew member to refresh your skills, your competencies and strengthen your passion for life coaching. We are consistently updating the workshop with the latest techniques and this will give you the opportunity to gain extra insights into the new developments.
The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM).   has accredited this Life Coaching diploma course under the CTECI – Full Coach Training Programme which is its top accreditation for coach training programmes.
PLUS ALL 23 COACHING ESSENTIALS contained in our SILVER OPTION included in this Platinum Protégé Option

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The content displayed in the photograph above is our complete range of course content; this photo is representational only and is subject to changes such as; additions, updates, and amalgamations.

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"Not just another course, a truly inspiring and supportive experience, the one that really shows you through self-discovery of how to be a successful and sought after coach. Curly is a catalyst for change, and if you really want to enhance the passion you have in coaching others, this is the course for you.’ Written one year one month after he qualified."

Graeme Skea

I had a bonus mentoring call with Curly and highly recommend it. I found within a few minutes of talking to Curly, I felt inspired, empowered and her words of wisdom helped me immensely with my own life coaching practice. I was overflowing with ideas as she answered my questions and then some! I can’t recommend Curly highly enough, if you’re thinking about working with her in any capacity, especially mentoring, just do it. You’ll be so glad that you did!! Thanks again for the wonderful mentoring session"Anne Kirkwood

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"I had a fantastic time, learnt so much. The one thing that I wasn’t looking forward to, closing a sale, I enjoyed the most. This was because it removed barriers for me and gave me a strategy to use (link to leisure). The practice of coaching was so very useful and I really liked the remembering exercises at the end of the days. Thank you! " Kim furnish