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The Life Coaching Handbook – Coaching For Results Chapter 3

‘The Life Coaching Handbook. Everything You Need To Be An Effective Life Coach’ a ground breaking first ever (worldwide) booked published on how to become a life coach and build a life coaching practice. The book is an international number one bestselling coaching book and is essential reading for coaches. This chapter covers the ICANDO coaching model, how to use it, with scripts and tips for success. As you find the chapter enlightening, you can purchase the book from this website or from any major book seller. ISBN: 978-184590060-1 Click here

"I knew from the start, to be a coach was my priority goal… My obstacle was, I couldn’t find a suitable course, not until I came across an excellent book called “the life coaching handbook” by Curly Martin I read it before I spoke to Curly and when I did speak to her, I was instantly convinced by her enthusiasm and warm positive approach towards me I decided the achievement specialist course was the right course for me. It was the icing on the cake as far as my career was concerned."

"I am grateful to Curly for her dedication and commitment in helping me to succeed as coach; I was inspired, motivate and learned a great deal during the two days intensive workshop which was the beginning and the highlight to a good foundation to my coaching career. I would highly recommend the Achievement Specialists course without hesitation." Saladdine Nadir

The Business Coaching Handbook – Time is Money Chapter 3

‘The Business Coaching Handbook. Everything You Need To Be Your Own Business Coach’ This chapter is jam packed with ideas, strategies and methodologies to use the time we all have more effectively. The layout of this book has been designed to be easily assimilated for the busy business owner. The chapter has a story at the beginning, which is followed by the chapter contents and a really useful action box at the end with a commitment type page for putting dates in to make sure you take the action. This is a book, a journal and a training manual all in one. If you are running your own business you need this book. As you find the chapter enlightening, you can purchase the book from this website or from any major book seller.ISBN 978-189983671-0 Click here

"A bold statement: The Business Coaching Handbook claims to contain 'Everything You Need To Know To Be Your Own Business Coach'. Using a mix of NLP techniques and sound advice this book will be particularly useful to SME business owners and advisers alike. Written in a conversational style and easy to digest, this handbook takes the 'coachee' through all aspects of their business - from goal setting to succession planning via time management, marketing, networking, staff strategies, business challenges, money matters and outsourcing - gaining great insight in the process. Recommend it to your clients? Yes. Will they work through it? Probably not - but as their business adviser you'll want to keep a copy firmly in your back pocket!." Lynne Bell MIBC, Business Adviser

The Personal Success Handbook – Financial Success Chapter 6

‘The Personal Success Handbook. Everything You Need To Be Successful’ This chapter contains activities to find out how you spend your money and how to keep your money. With the financial situation as it is at the moment, this is a great chapter to help you understand your position. The Personal Success Handbook gives the reader the techniques, methodologies, tips, ideas, inspiration and practical guidance needed for success. You will find self diagnostic questions alongside practical answers in this no nonsense guide. As you find the chapter enlightening, you can purchase the book from this website or from any major book seller. ISBN 978-184590090-8 Click here

The Personal Success Handbook

"I love books that make a difference - and the Personal Success Handbook is one of those! Packed full of useful ideas, it gives direction and a sense of purpose as you read it. It focuses attention on the practical and possible action steps needed to move anyone's life forward in all areas. The illustrative stories add to our understanding and the many exercises and activites woven throughout the text, encourage us gently, but firmly, along the path of change. Easy to read, free of jargon, thought provoking and purposeful - a book for those people serious about life improvement - so LET'S DO IT!" Gill Fielding, The Wealth Company, (Also appeared on The Secret Millionaire. ITV Channel 4)

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Author Curly Martin


The Life Coaching Handbook

"Curly Martin's book is a must to take in to presentations to corporate clients. I made a successful pitch for a life balance programme for 20 people in a recruitment company to assist them in avoiding burnout and minimizing stress. Curly Martin's book "The Life Coaching Handbook" provided the stepping stone to credibility and an open door. I would advise any new coaches to maximize their relationship with Curly while building their corporate practice." Phil Roberts LCH Dip.

"Curly, your skills, knowledge and wisdom have changed and transformed my world. I thank you for all your guidance this past year and your love for making a difference to so many lives. You are a star!" K. Cottam

"No words could express my gratitude firstly, for your book that opened the door for me and so many others and for your gift of magic that you have poured on us all. To live in this new place is indescribable. It carries with it a sense of dignity and ease that I have never ever envisaged. From my heart I thank God for it and I thank you also Curly." Mary Burke