Internationally Accredited - International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM). This Life Coaching Diploma utilises specialist guidance techniques with 25 years coaching research to uniquely combine your experience and skills with our expertise. We show you how to harness your know-how and fast track yourself into creating your own individual niche coaching business. We present one of the most advanced Life Coaching training courses available, based on the world first, ground-breaking work in this area, The Life Coaching Handbook. Everything you need to be an effective Life Coach. Author Curly Martin. The course is accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM) and it is a fully integrated, blended, multi-media, supported and flexible diploma.

Become a Life Coach even If you have a restricted budget on our Silver Option or the Silver Plus Option. If you are financially comfortable, we offer the Gold Option and our protégé Platinum Option. All options lead to our Internationally accredited Life Coaching Diploma Course. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and our customer focus by offering you choices to suit your life style. This means that you can afford to train with the best and become a highly skilled life coach. The course has been externally accredited by two independent bodies. Growing numbers of people are joining the coaching profession and many of them have already trusted us with their training. Life Coach Training Reviews

Overseas Delegates or Delegates that cannot travel

For our overseas delegates or delegates that cannot attend the workshop, we also offer a Distance Learning Life Coaching Diploma . This means that you can still qualify with us, even if you are physically unable to attend the workshop. We have added a mentoring session with ground-breaking author Curly Martin into this option to ensure your coaching is of the highest standard.

Please spend time to read each option and be sure to book the option which will best support YOU as a learner, your budget, your time limitations and your individual requirements. All the options for the life coaching diploma course have been underpinned by International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM). Accreditation process. You can feel secure as you book your diploma now in the knowledge your course has a very high standard. Here are some Life Coach Training Reviews of the life coaching diploma course.

Course Availability

Our course availability is listed below. An easy-to-pay instalment scheme is available.

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Instalment Plan Payment Option 0% interest and early bird prices!

We offer an INTEREST FREE instalment plan which allows you to pay by instalments prior to the workshop date and secure the current course price (not affected by any price increases) and you secure the early-bird price even though your last payment is within the full payment time scale. Please contact the office on 0800 191 0200 for more details.

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Life Coaching Course Book Is A Best Seller

Our course is based on the ground-breaking number one best selling coaching book (each year from 2003), The Life Coaching Handbook. Everything you need to be an effective life coach.’ by Curly Martin which was a worldwide first, no other books existed on how to become a life coach and set up a practice. Curly pioneered life coaching in Europe. We have delegates who are so serious about training to a high standard with an expert, they have journeyed to the course from as far away as New Zealand, Asia, Europe, USA, etc., the book is translated into many languages. Train as an outstanding life coach We care passionately about the standard of your training; all your coaching will be observed and supervised by a mentor or qualified coach on the workshops. You can begin your coaching business right away or alongside your other career, giving you a second income.You will be one of an elite group of coaches, who have trained with Curly Martin. Now you can do as Oprah says, "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher."

The Life Coaching Handbook

The Life Coaching Handbook; Everything You Need To Be An Effective Life Coach is full of interesting information about life coaching and how to become a life coach. Read a chapter for free It contains the ICANDO coaching model, along with examples of how to build a successful coaching practice, suggestions on how to how to market your coaching business and generate new clients. There are chapters on how use Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to become an outstanding life coach. The advanced life coaching techniques include a spiral coaching psychological profiling tool specifically adapted for life coaching.

Worried about which company to train with?

It is always a good thing to read coaching reviews on the companies you have short listed. Read reviews on the trainers, who are they, and what level/standard do they work at? Life Coach Training Reviews

High prices or the number of days training are not good indicators of quality training and high standards of coaching. Often high prices cover marketing costs not quality of training. A safe and cost effective way to choose your course FAQ 18 or download our FREE decision matrix which has been designed for you to compare courses decision matrix

There are no government rules or regulations about our professional standards or the qualifications required to become a life coach. There are however, organisations which monitor and accredit courses and we strongly recommend you select a course which has International external accreditation.

Learn about Government Standards click here FAQ 17

Start your own business

Just been made Redundant? Need a new career?Now is a great time to start a Life Coaching business and become your own boss! Not a franchise - your own business and this is important, as franchise businesses have exact models you must follow and large downpayments which can eat into your redundancy money. Our life coaching diploma teaches you how to coach, how to build your business, how to market yourself and we have a flexible framework to support you during your change of career.

"I have had the best 4 months' trading since I trained with Achievement Specialists so much for the financial crisis!! I am completely swamped with new 1-1 clients and I am running a lot of workshops & courses as well as giving a lot of talks.' Jenny Grainger, Fresh Start Life Coaching

Do you want to become a coach and be your own boss? Train with the world class pioneer of life coach training in Europe.Life coaching IIC course

Corporate and Business Coaching

Achievement Specialists are leaders in the development and delivery of Life Coaching services in the corporate environment. For leadership skills development designed for executives and management working in multi-level teams, our Life Coaching skills offer an invaluable new approach to managing excellence in goal-based organisations. We will train your staff to become performance coaches or mentor coaches using our specially designed programmes, adapted, just for you. We also offer executive and CEO coaching packages.

Life Coaching International Accreditation

Our diploma course has been fully accredited by two official external bodies and is supported by the life coaching expert Curly Martin. Her highly acclaimed Life Coaching Handbook series includes the number one bestseller, every year since 2003, The Life Coaching Handbook; Everything You Need To Be An Effective Life Coach. This book was a worldwide first on how to become a life coach and set up a successful coaching practice, and our acclaimed diploma is based on this prestigious, highly aclaimed book. Course

"I found the techniques and skills taught over-lap seamlessly across all areas, be it business, life or other specialized areas such as sports performance coaching …. As a senior rugby coach and keen golfer I saw the techniques even allowing me to look into these areas for coaching work…. Simply; Curly’s methods work, across ALL aspects of life… Am I inspired?? Well, 48 hours after my return from the workshop part of the course, I have my 1st four paying customers, I also have 2 additional referrals. Thank you Curly.' Mike Ellis Founder Business Turnaround

Create a new life - Be Different!'''

Redundancy can be a positive motivator giving you the time to grab the opportunity to change your life and with this in mind, we have created a special life coaching programme to guide you on the journey it is called Download To Destiny™ and it has been designed to fast track you to a new life. New you Life coaches, you can also use the information within these programmes as coaching guides, giving you ideas of activities to use with your clients. Life coaches took kit for coaching individuals and their families to find new jobs, to control household finances and encourage their clients to plan for the exciting future. Click here

Funding & Loans

Financing your investment in your future as a coach by attending our life coaching diploma course is available from several sources: corporate companies wanting to retain staff using coaching to achieve this, career development loans, severance and redundancy payments giving individuals more choices and there are various local council funding schemes. We also offer an installment payment plan. This means there are many opportunities for you to train as a coach. Call us now 0800 191 0200 (FREE) to find out how you can train as a life coach and start a new income stream for yourself whilst assisting others to do the same.

Coaching Diploma Interview

All our delegates are interviewed by Curly Martin before being accepted on this prestigious diploma – do you have the passion, self-motivation and dedication to be good enough to join our elite coaches? We will interview you to ensure that you and the other delegates are given the best opportunities of success. When you attend the workshop you will be among equally talented and passionate individuals and not sitting next to a serial-course-goer or next to 'I'm not sure yet', who could affect your chances of success. We aim to have one mentor or fully trained coach for every three delegates (1:3 ratio) which means qualified coach supervision is always close at hand. Your practical activities and exercises are all supervised. The diploma course has lifetime support within the Achievers Club

Life Coaching for YOU

Working with a life coach will enable you to reach goals way beyond what you currently think is possible. When you have a clear goals and the support of one of our certified life coaches working alongside you, you will be amazed.

Achievement Specialists have a team of Life Coaches who have been highly trained and are ready to work with you to discover your life purpose/goals and plan together for you to achieve them. Your life coach will work with you on; family, friends, health, wealth, spiritual, fun, rest, career, and any other areas of your life you wish to be in balance. together you will set small easy steps towards your goals. Take the firsts steps on a pathway to success. Curly also writes a coaching blog filled with useful information for coach and client alike.

To help you to make the decision on whether you could be a successful Life Coach and step onto the pathway to success, we have compiled a short quiz for you to go through. This is not a test. We are not going to mark you on it or ask you how you think you did. But, if you answer all the questions honestly then you should be able to decide for yourself whether you have what it takes. Click Here to go to the Quiz, and Good Luck! Alternatively, you may choose to read Curly Martin’s Blog

To find out more about Achievement Specialists and about our Life Coaching Services:

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