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Achievement Specialists was established in 1997 (incorporated 2004) by Curly Martin FIIC&M, MAOC, MFSB, MSOA, using her 25+ year experiences as a business coach, mentor and trainer. Thousands of people have trusted us with their business and coach training during this period. Curly Martin is the trail blazing author of the International ground-breaking bestseller The Life Coaching Handbook which was the very first life coaching book written specifically for life coaches on how to build a life coaching business in the world. This means that she is the pioneer for Life Coach Training and is known as a leading authority. She has written The Business Coaching Handbook and The Personal Success Handbook which complete this handbook series.

She has also written or co-written over 30 books and articles on coaching. Curly is a Fellow member and the International Head of Ethics and Standards of The International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring, which means she has met their highest robust criteria. Our coaching diploma course has attained the highest accreditation level 7 which means you will attain internationally recognised qualification and competencies. Become one of the growing number of elite coaches by choosing to train with us

'Training as a coach was a big decision for me and a major career change, so when it came to choosing who to train with, I researched thoroughly and extensively, including overseas options. I chose Achievement Specialists for two reasons. Firstly, the course is the most practical for coaches who want to start a practice now. This is real and comprehensive. The second reason was Curly Martin herself. Not only was she extremely responsive, professional and honest prior to booking myself on the course but having trained with her I can now say that she is an unequalled coach, an inspirational trainer and one of the most impressive human beings I’ve ever met.' Simon Cheung LCH Dip.

Suppose you had the opportunity to be taught by Amy Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Jane Austen or one of your personal champions, where you could watch them perform and be able to discuss with them certain aspects of their performance, the ones you want to perfect. Curly is the forerunner of life coach training, a pioneer and groundbreaking author and you can be taught by her. I want to be taught by a pioneer

Curly Martin - TOP TEN LIFE COACH - The Observer magazine In an investigative report written by Anna Moore for The Observer Magazine about life coaching, Moore identifies Curly Martin as one the top ten life coaches. There were several quotes from Curly throughout the report. It mentioned her bestselling The Life Coaching Handbook, the life coach training diploma we offer and also described her life coaching practice. She has been interviewed by BBC, ITV, and many radio stations.

Curly Martin - one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles.

'Curly is an awesome trainer, coach, writer and human being. Training with her was an absolute delight and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance in my early days. She's a credit to the Life Coaching Industry and I don't get the opportunity to say that as often as I'd like.' Tim Brownson, LCH Dip.

Do you want to be trained to the highest level of competence by an expert who is interested in you? If yes, call us on our free phone 0800 191 0200 now and book your personal call with Curly. During 1999, Achievement Specialists researched, developed and delivered the very first European life coach training course. This means that the first European life coach trainers and life coaches were either trained or have been strongly influenced by Curly Martin. Is it better to be trained by the originator or an emulator?

Some coach training organisations are owned by venture capitalists, whose main interests naturally, are in profit making (returns on their investments). They put the bulk of their money into upfront marketing and free taster sessions, the difficulties come along once you have signed on the dotted line. We are not financed by venture capitalists. If you want to offer a coaching service based on the personal touch, be trained by a company demonstrating exactly that. If you are looking for flexible training, based around your schedule and your time scale, you will find our diploma has been designed with you in mind.

'2 years ago I attended one of Achievement Specialists training diploma courses run by Curly Martin. It was a great course very well run and with the aim of achieving the qualification of Life Coaching Diploma, I started a 1-2-1 business. I then decided to add another niche market to my business and I needed Curly’s help again. I am pleased to say she still remembered who I was and she was also very pleased to be helping me, and what is more, she gave this extra mentoring free of charge. I would highly recommend her training courses for anyone wanting to train in the area of coaching.' John Lingley. JL Fitness.

Curly believes ALL her coaches are special and she will go that extra mile to support them, what other international organisation offers this kind of outstanding personal service?

'How many bestselling authors take the time to personally speak with every delegate? My experience has shown this to be true, Curly is a true inspiration to all aspiring coaches. She stays humble and approachable, while having a gravitas and a calm professional manner. Thank you for helping me kick off my career as a life coach and business trainer.' Steve Hammond Life & Business Coach - Denmark

Curly Martin was one of the experts on Britains Next Top Coach and she has been interviewed by many television, radio and media programmes. Curly’s expertise and huge success in the coaching field had led to unscrupulous organisations claiming association with her or even more outrageous, that she has been trained by them or worked for them - this is NOT TRUE they are using a deception marketing technique known as, ‘Reflected Glory Marketing’ which lacks integrity, a quality we believe is fundamental to coaching. To understand this technique, visit our FAQ pages.FAQ

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"I just wanted to thank you for posting the BBC request for a life coach on the Achievers' Forum and giving me the opportunity to work with the BBC. I completed 2 days filming with the BBC last week and they will be editing the tape and showing it to the commissioners at the BBC over the next month or so. It was a fabulous experience though very hard work with a lot of preparation. Many thanks again for the opportunity."

Julie Edge