The Coaching Handbooks Series by Curly Martin

There are three books in this Coaching Handbook series written by Curly Martin embracing life coaching, business coaching and personal development. Buy them directly from us. Curly is a highly acclaimed author, coach and trainer and has written 30+ books and articles on coaching.

The Life Coaching Handbook

The Life Coaching Handbook. Everything You Need to Be an Effective Life Coach is also available on Kindle

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University of Derby recommended reading list for the Institute of Leadership and Management Programme.

British Library Approved Book

'Curly Martin's book is a must to take in to presentations to corporate clients. I made a successful pitch for a life balance programme for 20 people in a recruitment company to assist them in avoiding burnout and minimizing stress. Curly Martin's book "The Life Coaching Handbook" provided the stepping stone to credibility and an open door. I would advise any new coaches to maximize their relationship with Curly while building their corporate practice. ' - Phil Roberts LCH Dip.

£16.99 published 2001 ISBN 189983671-3

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The Business Coaching Handbook

The Business Coaching Handbook also available on Kindle

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Everything You Need To Be Your Own Business Coach

Are you a business entrepreneur who has recently achieved the goal of getting your enterprise up and running, or have you been operating your professional practice for a few years and need to take it to the next level? Then this is the book for you!

Do you already have a copy of Curly Martin’s best selling The Life Coaching Handbook and are you eager to get your hands on The Business Coaching Handbook?

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The Business Coaching Handbook reveals what business coaching is, how to assess the shape of your business and what steps you need to put in place to grow it successfully. It is all about knowing where you are and where you are going and the actions you need to take to get there.

'A bold statement: The Business Coaching Handbook claims to contain 'Everything You Need To Know To Be Your Own Business Coach'. Using a mix of NLP techniques and sound advice this book will be particularly useful to SME business owners and advisers alike. Written in a conversational style and easy to digest, this handbook takes the 'coachee' through all aspects of their business - from goal setting to succession planning via time management, marketing, networking, staff strategies, business challenges, money matters and outsourcing - gaining great insight in the process.

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Recommend it to your clients? Yes. Will they work through it? Probably not - but as their business adviser you'll want to keep a copy firmly in your back pocket!' - Lynne Bell MIBC, Business Adviser

£16.99 published 2007 ISBN 978-184590060-1

The Personal Success Handbook

The Personal Success Handbook also available on Kindle

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This is the final book of the series, aimed at the individual, it leads readers on a journey to define success. We are all different and success means different things to different people.

This book, written in such an infectious and enthusiastic style, is extremely easy to pick up and read. It has approached the subject in a straightforward and logical manner, breaking it down into thought provoking readily digestible, manageable sections. Approaching the subject, as I did, with little knowledge of life-coaching, one cannot fail but to have one's usual mindset challenged and to be inspired and stimulated onto a path of self-analysis and diagnosis and self-improvement and increased personal aspiration. Buy it directly from us see our discounted price

£16.99 published 2007 ISBN 978-1845900908

"I love books that make a difference - and the Personal Success Handbook is one of those! Packed full of useful ideas, it gives direction and a sense of purpose as you read it. It focuses attention on the practical and possible action steps needed to move anyone's life forward in all areas. The illustrative stories add to our understanding and the many exercises and activites woven throughout the text, encourage us gently, but firmly, along the path of change. Easy to read, free of jargon, thought provoking and purposeful - a book for those people serious about life improvement - so LET'S DO IT!" Gill Fielding, The Wealth Company, (Also appeared on The Secret Millionaire. ITV Channel 4)

Curly also co-wrote this lighthearted book which gives an overview on the profession, and what can be expected when hiring a life coach. It was written when little was known about life coaching.

The case studies reveal what happens in a typical coaching session and how you can benefit without ever meeting your coach!

This book answers questions that you many have wondered about - but didn't know who to ask.


How to Stop Cancer From Coming Back.

'A very interesting, amusing, and thought provoking book. A good, easy read. I love the fact that the author did not accredit her health and recovery to any one thing - but all the 'little steps.' Jackie Hammans

In 1992 I was told I had nine months left to live. Since my terminal diagnosis of breast cancer and an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer, I am now an international bestselling author, professional speaker and I have built a successful coaching business, I am married and living a happy and healthy life. None of this would have happened had I not been diagnosed with cancer. I am not saying this to impress you; I am saying this to impress upon you, that cancer can be the most powerful catalyst of change.

'A lovely inspiring, uplifting and funny read. Reaffirms to seize the day, every day!' Prue Gent

Throughout this book I will be telling you my story at each stage of my journey. What happened, how I handled it, the outcome (if applicable, or if it adds more information for you), what I was offered in the way of medical support, what I did, what extra things happened and any other titbits to inform and amuse you because as you will read here in the book, I believe humour is a great healer.

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"I just wanted to thank you for posting the BBC request for a life coach on the Achievers' Forum and giving me the opportunity to work with the BBC. I completed 2 days filming with the BBC last week and they will be editing the tape and showing it to the commissioners at the BBC over the next month or so. It was a fabulous experience though very hard work with a lot of preparation. Many thanks again for the opportunity."

Julie Edge

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'You'll kick yourself if you don't read this book and apply the simple, effective advice that really works. This book is a wake-up call for any business that is struggling. As a a result, I have re-launched my website, drilled down to my market and created useful alliances with like-minded people and, at last, my reputation is growing, relationships are flourishing and I know my business is on track towards success. Watch this space. Dave Grundy