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The focal point of the Achievers Club is the Discussion Forum. You will be part of a sharing community as here we share; requests for life coaches, corporate coaching contracts are posted, wide-ranging questions are asked and answered by our mentors or fellow coaches. You have 24 hour access to the club, which means you feel fully supported and not alone in your journey to setting up a new business. Our community is only open to Life Coaches that are either in training, or have trained with Achievement Specialists. The membership is growing all the time with members contributing from all over the the world.

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There are many different Discussion Forums sections in the area and they are added to at the request of Club Members. Below each Forum, members are free to add or reply to discussion threads. This enables a large geographically separated community of coaches to come together and share knowledge, inspiration and support each other.

Achievers Club Discussion Thread View

The forums are moderated by some of our Senior Coaches and Curly herself. Above is the view of a discussion thread. The forums have too many features to go into in detail here. If you are seriously considering training with Achievement Specialists, we can certainly arrange a "test drive" for you.

Master Class Schedules

The Master Classes are free and details are in this area which contains the schedules for Master Classes, Coaching Clinics and up coming Events. There is also a listing of pre-recorded Master Classes together with details on how to access these valuable resources.


A collection of standard coaching forms, inspirational stories and any files that members wish to share with each other reside here. Files are uploaded by members and Achievement Specialists staff and are made available to all members.

Suggestion Box

Here, members may make suggestions on additions or alterations to the Members Area. The Club Area, is constantly being updated and having new features added to it as part of our ongoing commitment to our members. We welcome suggestions and if they make sense, we act on them quickly and fully.


The achievement Specialists most recent edition of the Newsletter appears here first and is held here on-line for easy reference.

Web Initiative

In this electronic world, a web site is almost a must for the modern practitioner. We have made a deal with our web providers to supply a web presence for members at discounted rates. All their work is of the highest standard, they speak in terms that even a novice would understand and they can be trusted to get the job done and charge you a fair price with no hidden extras. They even give free impartial advice to members regardless of whether you use any of their services.

Contact Us

This is a simple form which allows you to send us a note, or request a call from one of our staff. It also contains all the contact details to enable you to phone email or fax or send a letter to us.

What our members think of the Club Area

I think the Achievers' Club is great (I love the name, too!). I visit the Members Area every few days, I get involved in the forum and get emails posted to my Inbox relating to the different topic strands. I've found the site to be incredibly useful for getting clients, picking up useful quotes about coaching, finding out info on the Master classes/coaching clinics and for all-round networking with other coaches. Anyone starting off will do well to become involved & for us "older hands" it's a great way to network, contribute info and offer recommendations - it's well worth signing up for. - Nikki Keogh - Performance & Results Coach - London

The member's area is one of the best coach resources on the Internet. It allows clear and instant access to other coaches and updated advice from Curly Martin. It is useful for new and experienced coaches to help create a sense of community and a sense that they are not on their own! This is a first class resource and highly recommended! - Phil Roberts - Executive & Personal Coach - London

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"This forum is a fantastic tool for support, advice, discussion and just plain inspiration - I post on others and this is by far the best. Its strength lies in the fact that although we don't know each other, we are all coaches and share common goals and interests - and that everyone seems to give as much if not more than they take." Kath Watson

"Just a short note to praise the content of a teleclass I listened to yesterday. It was Presenting to Business parts 1&2. The content was fantastic, and gave a step by step process for how to get it right. For anyone starting to present to business I would highly recommend it. Well done Curly." Julia McVey