The Life Coaching Quiz

No need to give us your details to get something free, we just give. Simply go through the following questions, think about their meaning and their implications and answer them honestly. This will help you to find out for yourself if becoming a Life Coach might be suitable for you.




1. Do you want to work from home?

2. Do you care about the welfare of other people?

3. Are you self-motivated and well organised?

4.Do you care about personal growth in your own future?

5. Do you like helping others to succeed?

6. Do you want a new full time profession?

7. Would you like to earn extra income to supplement your current situation?

8. Are you happy when you meet another person who is more successful than you?

9. Do you want to work the hours that suit you?

10. Can you see potential in people when they themselves cannot?

11. Do you have the motivation to run your own business?

12. Are you able and willing to work in the evenings from home?

13. Do you want to be able to choose the times you work?

14. Can you challenge others if you believe they are not being true to themselves?

15. Do you want to look forward to being at work?

16. Can you work with people who are greater achievers than you are?

17. Are you ready to invest in your future?

18. Do you believe you are ready (with guidance) to start your own Life Coaching practice?

19. Would you be delighted (with guidance) to be self-employed or own your own company?

20. Do you easily give praise to others ?

This is not a test. We are not going to mark you on it or ask you how you think you did. If you have answered all the questions honestly, you should be able to decide for yourself whether you have what it takes to become a successful Life Coach.

To help you, here are our guidelines.

Go back and look at the boxes you have ticked. If you honestly answered NO to questions 2, 5, 8, 10, 16, or 18 we would probably advise you to reconsider the idea of becoming a Life Coach, as it might not be suitable career move for you. As an alternative, you could go to our Individual Life Coaching section and consider finding a Life Coach for yourself, who might help you to find the career that is most suitable for your talents.

If on the other hand you replied YES to the above questions and you feel that you might be a suitable candidate for the Achievement Specialists Life Coaching Diploma course Click Here to go to our Course information pages.

To move to the next page in this section which tells you more about The Life Coaching Handbook, click here

Thank you for completing this quiz. We hope it has been helpful for you.

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"Not just another course, a truly inspiring and supportive experience, the one that really shows you through self-discovery of how to be a successful and sought after coach. Curly is a catalyst for change, and if you really want to enhance the passion you have in coaching others, this is the course for you.’ Written one year one month after he qualified."

Graeme Skea

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