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This page contains only a very small sample of the life coach course reviews we receive and does not include any of the numerous private letters and cards Curly receives. (available to view originals by calling the office)

'What can I say, Curly? Informative, educational, practical, inspirational, motivating, fun and overwhelming!! Loved every minute of the course, but most importantly, it delivered exactly what I hoped for and needed. I'm ready to start. Thank you.' Dr. Richard Baxter

'I love the unique method Curly is using. I admire her energy that motivates everybody. I appreciate the welcoming of foreigners that she extends.' Faiza Mana

'I signed up to the Achievement Specialists Life Coaching course after researching the available options and finally talking to someone I knew who had previously attended - after listening to her enthusiasm it felt like a good choice for me. Suffice to say I was not disappointed. The course is a great mix of reading, attendance, assignments and hands on practical experience and I can honestly say at the end of this I do feel competent in being able to setup my own professional practice. It's very fair to say that what makes Achievement Specialists the success that it undoubtedly is, is Curly Martin. Curly has an infectious enthusiasm for what she does and her training delivery style is engaging and inclusive. The idea of actually coaching someone on the first morning of a course (whilst being observed) was initially intimidating, but Curly and her mentors are very supportive and encouraging - I'd even go so far as to say it was enjoyable! If you are looking to become the best life coach that you can be, in my opinion you would be hard pushed to beat the training from Achievement Specialists. I've thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course (even the thesis!) and look forward to success in my future career. Curly brings something to the training process that is quite unique, perhaps best summed up as Curly Martin is an achievement specialist. Thanks again for everything Curly.' Heather Baker-Heriot Infinity Bridge Coaching

'What I have learned during this course is absolutely fantastic! Curly is so talented and inspirational, and at the same time very professional! Coming to a course straight from the corporate environment, professionalism was very helpful. I must have read “The Life Coaching Handbook” ten times at least and to my surprise there was always something new to think about. That’s how good the book is! But above all, the reason why I have been particularly drawn to Curly’s Life Coaching School was because of her incredible life story! How she found a way to channel all this energy during the fight for her life into life coaching, present it to the world and helping others becoming life coaches is worth of a big time RESPECT! Thank you – you are the reason why I coach today!' Coach Sandra Kovacevic. Stand In Your Power! Life Coaching

Dear Curly, Just a word to say so very many thanks for the excellent training I have received from your company. Since I embarked on my life coaching career and I can truthfully say I have not looked back once. I absolutely love what I do and feel so blessed to be engaged in a career that is so completely rewarding. Achievement Specialists provided such comprehensive training and instruction and really instilled in me a sense of belief that I could do this and do it well.

I was one of the first Life Coaches resident in Fitness First wherein I hosted and conducted Confidence Clinics and Master classes monthly, I provided personal coaching for staff and members alike. My clientèle include successful entrepreneurs, company executives and other remarkable individuals who wish to have someone like myself to hold them to a higher standard as they go through life and achieve their goals. I have since moved my coaching practice to Mayfair and expect to do equally well. Thank you again for the very high level coaching training you provided me with Curly and the foundation it has given me to succeed as a coach; I would like to recommend anyone who is thinking of a career in life coaching to place your company at the very top of the list. Very warmest regards,’ Patricia Benjamin. Motivational Speaker. Resident Life Coach for Award Winning Sisterhoodtv Radio

I first met Curly Martin when I was researching new career options, I had been a very successful TV and film make up artist for twenty years until I was diagnosed with an eye condition. I had lost 50% of my vision and could no longer see enough to do the job I loved, I could no longer drive my car and financially things had become very difficult. My life had changed so much I could not recognise it any more. I felt as if I had lost myself completely and when I looked in the mirror the face starring back was not me!

I telephone five Life Coach training schools and explained what had happened and I wanted information about being a Life Coach, not only to see if it was something I would love, but also to see if I would be good as a Coach. Out of the five people I spoke to only one person heard what I had to say and that was Curly Martin, the others just went straight into the sales pitch for their company. I choose the gold course and when I met Curly face to face I was not disappointed, she is so full of energy, positivity and incredibly motivating.

After the course my mentor telephoned me and whilst we were chatting, my blood ran cold, I could not believe how well Curly had matched me and my mentor. I could not believe that Curly had read me and understood what I needed more than anyone including me! Since doing the course my life has turned around and everyday it is getting better and better. Thank you so much Curly for noticing the real Me was still in there somewhere, when I thought she had gone forever! You have truly saved my life, for which I will be eternally grateful. Debbie Ross

‘After completing a 12 day NLP course somewhere else, I started to appreciate Curly's workshop weekend even more. In just two days with Curly - you get it all: Transfer of knowledge, practical exercises, set of tools that you can use while coaching and your own personal heaven - a coaching circle to support you for life, if needed! With Curly there is no small hidden print, she is outstanding trainer and her generosity to share her knowledge and experience is a one time fix! You are able to walk and even sooner run on your own! Therefore, highly recommended!!!’ Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity Natasa Mihajlovic

Dearest Curly, Curly, you truly are a remarkable lady. I can honestly say, I've started another life, and not even sure I'm still living on the same planet! If it wasn't for your passion, energy, devotion, support and of course, your expertise, I would not be who, or where I am today. When I chose to devote my life to supporting and guiding others in achieving the life of their dreams, little did I realize at the time, how much I too was going to learn and grow. I was too busy focusing on the clients!

Your workshop and my journey from thereon in, has brought alive a new level of consciousness inside, one that had remained dormant for far too long! Your energy is contagious, and I still get into the greatest emotional state just with the 'click of the fingers' and affirm "In a heartbeat".

Words cannot express how grateful I am, to have had the pleasure of training with Achievement Specialists. My life is now with purpose, meaning, alignment, joy, giving, receiving, loving, abundance, gratitude, wholeness and pure fulfillment every day. To be able to share this, guiding others to find themselves and build their confidence to get out there and make life work for them, so they too are living their own special dream, is what defines my purpose.

My Life Coaching journey has led me to so many other amazing interests and experiences, all of which continue to support and add to my coaching skills, ultimately to benefit all those who I can reach out to. I am now so inspired in life, empowered by what I know I can and want to achieve, and thanks to your direction and purpose, I now have mine. For this I will always be truly thankful, and will always remember where this beautiful journey started. Achieving all I have whilst still doing a full time job has stretched me and expanding my capabilities on a daily basis! I trust and I have faith in that it's all happening perfectly. I only need to look back on my life to realize that everything that has happened, really did happen for the greatest reasons!

I wish you all the very best wishes, love, happiness and success, and I so look forward to becoming a Achievement Specialists Coach in the very near future.

With loving light and spirit always,

Jenny xxx (Jenny Jones) Dolce Vita ~ Coaching Sent To: An Enquirer Subject: Life coaching course

I am living in South Africa, but was living in China at the time I did my Life Coaching course with Achievement Specialists. The fact that you are in Belfast should not be a problem at all, provided you are able to travel and spend a weekend in England.

Curly Martin (Achievement Specialists Coach / Trainer) is one of the most highly acclaimed professionals in the Industry. I would rate her Life Coaching course to be the best available. What I would suggest you do, is to take a look at the website and familiarise yourself with the course content. You can then book yourself onto a course. When I did it, I booked accommodation at a Hotel close by, and this was very convenient.

The course is very intensive and informative, and will transform your life. It did for me. I am now an accredited Coach, presenting Seminars, and doing some freelance writing. Doing the course opened all these doors for me, and gave me the credibility I needed to pursue my dream.

Please let me know what you decide, and I will be happy to assist / advise in any way I can. Wishing you the very best – and here’s my parting shot - go for gold!

Sincerely, Carrol Roberts-Harrison - South Africa

"Hi Curly, I have had the best 4 months' trading since I trained with Achievement Specialists back in much for the recession!! I am completely swamped with new 1-1 clients and I am running a lot of workshops & courses as well as giving a lot of talks.' Jenny Grainger, FreshStart Life Coaching

"I came to Curly wanting to see how she may enable me develop my businesses. As a company trouble shooter specializing in business turnarounds I was looking at how I could add value to my current business model. With the fast, famine flow of new business I saw the coaching as both an additional revenue stream and a great way to have an ongoing contact and influence on my projects…

I found the techniques and skills taught over-lap seamlessly across all areas, be it business, life or other specialized areas such as sports performance coaching …. As a senior rugby coach and keen golfer I saw the techniques even allowing me to look into these areas for coaching work…. Simply; Curly's methods work, across ALL aspects of life… Am I inspired?? … 48 hours after my return from the course I have my 1st four paying customers… in carrying out the company trouble shooting I have secured £15,000 worth of work, enabling an owner manager of a metal fabrication company develop and implement a crisis action plan….. I've secured an additional £5k of business purely on performance coaching, supporting the owner and his management team in achieving the goals from the action plan (£1200 x 4 = £4800) … this not only gives me an additional 33% business but a greater control on their ability to deliver the results … In the time took in writing this note I also have 2 additional referrals of which I am 80% certain 1 will come off …. Thank you Curly" Mike Ellis - Business Recovery

Dear Curly,

I wanted to say thank you for a most enjoyable, informative and practical course! When I first looked into which life coaching course would be best for me I was impressed with Achievement Specialists as it appeared to tick all the boxes. I wanted to gain both good knowledge and practical skills in coaching and also know how to set up a business. Coming from a nursing background the marketing and business aspect of things was very new to me.

My expectations were more than realised with your course. Having successfully gained my L.C.H. dip I feel equipped in every way to run my life coaching business. The eight modules are really structured and informative, allowing me to work methodically through each one. The 50 hrs coaching log was invaluable for improving my coaching skills and choosing which specialist areas would form my coaching practice. Writing the thesis, which sounded a little daunting initially, enabled me to both research and gain clarity on a subject which continues to inform my practice regularly. Most importantly there was someone at the end of the telephone when I needed it!

Thank you Curly for a truly inspirational and life changing experience! Claire Streeter Life Coaching

'Since 29th of June until tonight (31 July) I have doubled the profit I wanted to achieve. My first goal was for 3 months and my 2nd for 6. I have achieved my 6 month goal Curly! Unbelievable! It has only been 1 month!' Nicci Roscoe Fabulous Lifestyles

‘I decided I was ready to train as a Life Coach and attended the Achievement Specialists Life Coaching training weekend with the wonderful Curly Martin and mentor coaches. Way beyond the life changing experience of the course itself, soaking up the excitement of being immersed in coaching from the start, I’m lucky enough to continually grow together with my coaching buddies, sharing valuable tools and experiences and have made friends for life. Curly’s style and training in life coaching is phenomenal: it has totally changed my life, permanently.

The course is unique in that it gives a practical approach to practice-building and marketing, built upon a strong theoretical foundation of NLP and coaching concepts that allows you to experience real live coaching from the start. Having thought and researched hard, I am glad I chose to invest in the Achievement Specialist’s course as it ‘walks the talk’ unlike a lot of the other courses that put up impressive pitches but are based largely on coaching theory. Now working as a professional life coach is something that is demanding, inspiring and ever developing. I’m constantly learning and gaining feedback and I reflect on a key piece of advice Curly gave me: that my friends and relationships would change permanently. Curly was spot on. One thing I’ve realized strongly is, and keep my clients aware of is, that we have choice as ‘responsible’ individuals. A choice in what we do and who we choose to spend our time with. These choices affect our energy levels and drive, our lust for life and we can increase this by surrounding ourselves with positive people. Thanks Curly and the Achievement Specialists Team. Michael A. Scott LCH Dip,

"Hi Chris, As promised I have copied the email details of the coaching company I preferred the most. I have done 3 Life coaching Diploma courses with 3 different companies, and my personal opinion, was that this was the most enjoyable and informative out of all of them. I think they offer an excellent support system which is key when you are just starting up and you are also put into support groups with other new coaches. The Lady who runs it is called Curly Martin and she wrote the book I told you about 'The Life Coaching Handbook' which is definitely worth getting and reading if you are serious about becoming a life coach. Again Chris, this is my personal experience and I think it is important that you are comfortable with whatever choice you make, so feel free to dig around, but be careful, money should not be the defining reason. Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on. I will have a look at any other resources that might be of use to you at this stage in your search and pass them on. Kind regards" - Mary Daniels The Life Chef

"Dear Curly, It was a real pleasure to meet you. As I mentioned, your energy is amazing and you really inspire. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, in fact the best personal development course I've been on. I learnt a lot about myself, as well as how to be a life coach. Many thanks to Ric, Chris and you for all the support and encouragement throughout the weekend. Even though I was doing things outside my comfort zone, I felt real warmth, support and encouragement from everyone including all the other participants and the feedback was always very constructive and helpful, in terms of improving in the future. My trio sessions will be interesting with Mike in Sydney and Carroll in Shanghai - we'll be the international crowd! Thanks again for a fun and very inspiring weekend!" - Joanna Puczkowski"

"I am horribly hard to impress - this must be the first time ever I have ticked excellent in all categories in this happy, happy way! So wonderful to have met you all - so glad I spend so long researching which course to take and I was so discerning. Thank you. Lots of love x" - Anna Culligan'

"LOVED EVERYTHING! Thank you Curly, you are truly an inspiration. This weekend has given me the confidence to be the best person that I can be." - Carole Gerro

"Curly, your skills, knowledge and wisdom have changed and transformed my world. I thank you for all your guidance this past year and your love for making a difference to so many lives. You are a star!" - K. Cottam L.C.H. Dip.

"Outstandingly brilliant course! Thank your for the receipt and for an OUTSTANDING two day course. On my way back to Salisbury yesterday evening I had time to reflect, I think I can truthfully say that I will remember the course as the most fun and productive learning I have ever experienced . My confidence in life coaching is absolutely soaring, and I look forward to completing the remaining work (fun) as soon as possible. All good wishes and a great thank you to you and your team. You certainly deserve your reputation as an inspiring, and inspired Coach!. Thank you so very, very much. I feel privileged to have trained with you!" - R. Johnson

"I am seriously impressed. Your professionalism is superb. I know that I now am part of an organisation whose materials and teaching is of the highest standard. I look forward to my interaction and success in my future. Thank You!" - I. Lennie

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the weekend - it was truly a life changing experience. I burst into tears of utter joy this morning as I was dancing my bum off around the kitchen to Heather Small singing 'Proud'. Being a verbose individual, I could go on and on about it all but I'm not going to. What I'm going to do is get my 'arris into gear and get on with it! Thank you again, Curly." - M. Phelps

"An excellent course. Very intense, good pace, well put together, communicated and delivered. Very enjoyable. Convinced life coaching works." - W. Dawson

"Very inspiring and practical course. Ideal for assisting you in setting up a life coaching business. Provides the framework, documentation, practice and support to make it all happen. Thank you." - S. Jardine

"My powers of expression failed me on the evaluation form yesterday, which you must take as the first compliment. Such was the impact of what we had done over two short days that I could not adequately express my gratitude and respect for you and your team. The weekend course met my expectations, beyond all my expectations and I now truly feel that I have found what I am meant to do. As importantly, I feel equipped to do it! Thank you so much for that gift." - J. Munford

"Thank you for a superb course. It was energising, inspiring and very, very professional. Thanks." - N. Greaves

"Fantastic weekend, everything I'd hope for and more. It was an excellent mix of practical advice and inspirational guidance. I sincerely feel empowered to move on. Thank you! I also loved the small group and personal touch" - P. Fenwick

"I have just had the pleasure of facilitating with Curly Martin for one of her training weekends. She impressed me with her infectious enthusiasm for life coaching. Curly made the delivery of the material so full of positive energy that everyone went away feeling energised and truly inspired. She runs an amazingly efficient ship presenting participants with vast amounts of useful information to do with setting forth in a career of life coaching. Curly presents it in such a way that the material is digested and worked with throughout the weekend and the participants go away empowered to make the most of their wealth of information. There were 21 on the course I attended and I observed Curly making every effort to value and support each individual. After each section questions were answered to aid peoples understanding and she always seemed available to have time during the breaks to answer the more private questions. I know that her follow-up support, following the course, is excellent. At times the speed with which she replies to emails makes you feel as if she only has you to deal with - this is obviously far from the truth! The life coaching profession is very fortunate to have such a dynamic lady leading the way with so much to offer. Curly, you are a star." - Penny Nicholas

'I have learnt lots and I am looking forward to practicing the techniques I've learnt. I love the tools (especially the Values tool) Curly kept us all totally engaged for the whole time.' Anna Jones

'We managed to cover a huge amount of ground in very short space of time due to Curly's expertise. Great value for Money, I would also like to say how comfortable I felt from the first moment, Curly and her crew were lovely and it was a pleasure.' Lyn Curant

'Fantastic course, Curly's style worked in so many ways and her knowledge, expertise and passion shone through - an inspiration. Leaving feeling fully energized and excited for the next part of my journey.' Tina Clark

"Excellent, fun, energetic and covered a lot in 2 days. Very inspiring" - D. Adams

"Excellent practical weekend. I feel I have everything I need from the weekend and the materials, website, teleclasses to go forward. Lovely facilitators - business like but fun. Can't wait to get started. Good value for money" - S. Kendall

"Fantastically transferable skills/knowledge gleaned!" - J. Kirby

"I truly enjoyed the course. Difficult to put anything other than excellent!" - A. Woods

"Excellent and very valuable. Thank you so much. xx" - J. Cahn

"Will absorb and process for sometime. The course exceeded expectations" - N. Tuli

"A memorable two day course. Filling me with excitement, confidence, new challenges and over load of new knowledge! Thank you very much." - A. Rodgers

"Thank you very much for a very enjoyable exciting course." - N. Al-Farisi

"Great course!!! A wonderful combination of great life coaching content with superb facilitation skills" - J-C Bordier

"Thank you for putting this course together and for your generosity and encouragement" - A-M Townley

"Fantastic!!! I am looking forward to starting the work I need to do to become and outstanding life coach! Thank you." - E. Smith (USA)

"I really enjoyed it thanks. I've go so much out of this weekend." - J. Partington

"Really enjoyed the course and learnt lots! Thank You." - A. O'Donnell

"Outstanding!!! Excellent, thank you." - S. Johnson

"Brilliant, wish I had done it years ago." - J. Cameron

"Excellent thank you." - E. Murphy

"I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to have participated in your course, Curly. I made the right choice. Thank you so much. P.S. The first course ever in my experience to get straight Excellent in all categories - honestly!" - L. Rossetti

"Absolutely fabulous weekend. In life we might meet 5 out of 6 people who are truly outstanding and change our lives. You are now on my list!" - S. Ager

"Curly's clarity was outstanding. She is highly knowledgeable, and a great source of inspiration!" - P. Middleton

"I did research which company I was going to use and Achievement Specialists came out on top. After completing this weekend I am more and more convinced now that my choice was the correct one. Thanks Curly." - P. Dawson

"Thank you for providing an excellent and thoroughly inspiring course. Well done. I look forward to continuing the relationship with Achievement Specialists and to the future." - A. Pullan

"Excellent - Very motivating and informative. Inspiring company. Well done and thank you. ;0)" - G. Allen

"All fantastic! There was an awful lot to take in but I know the manual will help to consolidate all this." - S. Blight

"Fantastic. Very motivating thank you. ;0)" - A. Allflatt

"Excellent in all categories" - L. Andrews

"An inspiring course. Brilliant training, Curly was fantastic. Also helpful, supportive trainers. Stimulating and thorough. Glad I chose this course!!!" - A. Solomon

"Enjoyed all of it, especially the chance to practice skills in a supportive environment. Inspirational - thank you." - H. Sullivan

"Excellent really enjoyed the whole weekend. I am focused on being an outstanding life coach. Thank you to Curly and friends." - K. Kelly

"Thank you for an inspiring course with lots of insights into the profession and how to put the dream of being a coach into practice. The manuals provided and the standard of delivery by Curly were excellent and inspiring" - M. Betab

"Absolutely fantastic. I feel truly inspired and motivated to go and become an outstanding life coach!!" - P. Whitehead

"Outstanding - thank you!" - T. Olds

"An Excellent weekend! Has truly confirmed my beliefs that I want to be a life coach and has given me the added boost and inspiration to get going! Thanks for all your hard work and support!" - J. Mayhew

"Absolutely unforgettable - far exceeded my expectations! I now know I chose the right course from the many I looked at. I love your approach, I fee like I've learnt more in this weekend than 5 years of university!! Also brilliant that you don't 'tie' us into any financial traps. Youre brilliant!!" - S. Carver

"Curly, it was an absolute pleasure to have you as my trainer. Aside from learning stacks, I had a thoroughly enjoyable training weekend. Thanks again." - N. Michelmore

"My journey so far into the world of life coaching has been utterly exciting and this weekend has been absolutely phenomenal. It has marked the start of my new life and for the first time in YEARS I feel liberated. Thank you so much for a fascinating weekend, I knew I have made the right decision! The obstacle filled journey on getting the funding was DEFINITELY worth it!" - N. Fletcher

"Weekend was fantastic, you have inspired me and motivated me to go ahead with my goals. Best course I have been on in my life. Huge Thanks" - S. Wheelan

"Fantastic weekend. Your personal and friendly approach is very appealing and has created an excellent learning environment. Your honesty and integrity really come across. Thanks you!" - J. Barham

"Excellent course - content - delivery - coursework/manuals. At my age I have been on numerous courses, I can say with all honesty this has been, not only the best - but the one which I have left really confident of succeeding in my new career as a life coach." - T. Bowden

"I found the course both stimulating and enjoyable. I appreciate the amount of information covered and surprised myself at the amount I took in. A new achievement for me as a high reflector. Thank you very much." - S. Willmott

''This course did two very important things for me.

  • I learned exactly what it meant to be a life coach and how to become one.
  • It motivated me for life!" - M. Myatt

"I feel on top of the world - what more can I say? I had so much fun over the past two days achieving the goals that I had set myself before the course. I have learned so much about how to become an outstanding life coach, I also learned a great deal about myself. I cannot thank you enough Curly." - M. Twomey

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. It was great to step out of my comfort zone and make the most of the challenges presented to us. My goal for the two days was to mark the start of my training with a completely focussed couple of days with no distractions - this goal was achieved and exceeded. Thank you - I CAN DO!!" - K. Harper

"Excellent in every way I have not got excuses to be negative again. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is interested" - J. Colvin

"Ric's feedback was constructive and obviously loving. Thanks. Excellent course." - S. Piper

"Excellent course" - R. Oxley

"Superb.. handouts were great. Thank you" - V. Robins

"I just wanted to drop you a short email to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The course was fantastic and extremely well run. I found your training methods to be 100% effective and a perfect balance of theory and 'hands-on' practise. I have a client coming at 6pm and I am really looking forward to introducing the new skills/tools I learnt at the weekend. Your own presentations were highly informative, well-structured, easy to follow and entertaining and I now believe that I too "am good at maths"!!!! I'm back in Belfast, exhausted but fully charged up and raring to go. I'm collecting 500 leaflets that I ordered last week at lunchtime today and will be getting them out there within 24 hours. I've also sent out 2 press releases this morning! Thanks for everything and for giving me the best possible foundation for building Northern Ireland's most successful coaching practice. With VERY best wishes" - Jenny Grainger

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"Thank you for an extraordinary weekend. I was challenged, enthralled, captivated and inspired in equal measure."

Patrick Kelly

‘Curly is a great coach, but more than that she is a WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING. I greatly appreciate her kind understanding. May God bless her with all the happiness she deserves. In fact, such comments by others about Curly's human side made me choose her coaching. I am glad that I have chosen Curly's training. Kind regards,’ Manoj K Samal PhD