5 Top Tips On Mentoring To Get You Started

1. Enthusiastic and Passionate attitude for enabling others to grow and develop is essential. If you come across as a ‘know-it-all’ you can intimidate your protégé. If you are indifferent towards your mentee or the profession, stay out of mentoring altogether. Show your passion within your sharing, and express your awesome leadership abilities.

2. Time Allocation – agree blocks of time for your mentoring with your protégé. Your mentee will need to know that you will be available and willing to give of yourself and your time.

3. Inspire your protégé with clear practical steps to achievement. Explain the rewards of success when the pitfalls open up. Share your disappointments, failures and poor decisions along with the solutions you used to overcome them.

4. Ownership - This is not the Me-Me show! Remember mentoring is about your protégé’s ownership of their development, growth and learning. You are the coach, teacher and guide not the star of the show. The most rewarding mentoring is where the protégé believes they have arrived at success by themselves.

5. Q&L of Mentoring - Questioning and Listening will help you to guide your protégé towards their own decisions, teaching and coaching them to take ownership of these decisions along with the consequences of their actions. Make sure you base your opinions and advice on current facts as well as past experiences.

Mentor Coach Program

Achievement specialists want to share its success with our coaches and we accomplish this with a Facilitator Program and a Mentor Program. Once you have qualified and since qualification; you can demonstrate that you have been running a successful coaching practice for a minimum of 5 years you can apply to be trained as a Mentor Coach. Mentoring allows you to give back to our coaching community whilst being paid to do so. Some of our mentor coaches have invoiced us for over £1,500 per month for their mentoring services.

Crewing Opportunity

You can take advantage of the crewing opportunity after your graduation. The minimum requirements are:

You have been awarded the LCH Dip. and have paying clients as you will be expected to share your experiences and answer delegate questions honestly about your successes.

As a crew member you can attend one or more of the workshops and experience the inspiration and motivation provided by our Achievement Specialist Team once again. We will provide two nights food and accommodation during the workshop. All you have to arrange is your transportation to the venue. These places are highly sought after and therefore you will need to arrange for your place in advance.

Achievement Specialists Mentor

To be accepted as one of our Mentor Coaches you will be rigorously judged on your coaching achievements and your contributions to the coaching community because you will be in a position to affect and impact the careers of the coaches you mentor. The criteria for a successful coaching practice is based on the number of paying clients within your practice or, if you are employed, the number of coaching hours you perform within a month.

You don't need to be phenomenal or unique to inspire others. The motivation aim of the mentor is to nurture the self-esteem and confidence of your mentee so that they become independent and self motivating. One of the ways to support your mentee is to spend time with them reflecting on how their activities support their goals. Sometimes your mentee may lack energy, enthusiasm and motivation and this could be as simple as checking there are goals in place and that the mentee is aware of them. Occasionally you may have to discuss negative behavior with your mentee and you should be prepared for this. Unlike life coaching or performance coaching as a mentor you can provide examples of your experience so that the mentee has a role model. The skills you have as a coach will come into play here as the trick is to use the coaching metaphor and meta model to enable you to offer your experience as one of the possible alternatives. Remembering that everyone's experience is different and your mentee may not be interested in the alternatives you offer. All of this will be covered on the Mentor Course.

We select our Mentors from the Mentor training workshop, which is followed by a probation period of 12 months, during which you will be assessed by the results of the coaches you are mentoring. You will be paid during this probation period for the mentor/coaching you provide for us. More details of the program and how to apply are available in the Achievers Club area which you are given access to once you have attended your Life Coaching Diploma workshop weekend.

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Coaching Reviews

"No words could express my gratitude firstly, for your book that opened the door for me and so many others and for your gift of magic that you have poured on us all on the course. To live in this new place is indescribable. It carries with it a sense of dignity and ease that I have never ever envisaged. From my heart I thank God for it and I thank you also Curly."

Mary Burke