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'Curly Martin is a tonic for the CEO: tough talking and kind, her advice will make you healthier wealthier and wiser long term. Lucky you if you can get her! Curly’s decision making matrix is a real help when you are wrestling with multi headed Hydra problems. Takes the aaaagh! out of hard decision making.' Antonia Swinson Policy & Communication Strategist, Entrepreneur, Award Winning Business Writer

Curly Martin FIIC, MAOC, MFSB, MSOA, is the author of the International ground-breaking bestseller 'The Life Coaching Handbook’ a World First, She has also written 'The Business Coaching Handbook’ and ‘The Personal Success Handbook’ which complete this handbook series, along with writing or co-writing over 30 books and articles.

'Hi Curly, This is an e-mail simply to thank you for all the excellent mentoring I have received from you over the last year. It has been an absolute privilege to work with a Business Coach who exhibits such wonderful guidance, motivation and tuition skills.. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone . Wishing you continued success. Once again my sincere thanks for everything you have done for me since embarking on this new venture.' Clive G Levy LCH Dip. Sales Director, B Levy & Co (Patterns) Ltd

Curly has over 25 years experience as a business coach, mentor and trainer which she pulls upon during these highly intensive focused sessions. Curly is a Fellow member and the International Head of Ethics and Standards of The International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring. She is a volunteer mentor for the Aspire Foundation.

'Since 29th of June until tonight (31 July) I have doubled the profit I wanted to achieve. My first goal was for 3 months and my 2nd for 6. I have achieved my 6 month goal Curly! Unbelievable! It has only been 1 month!' Nicci Roscoe

She offers an initial 6 mentoring session programme which is designed around the needs of each individual client and may include Neuro Linguistic Programmes, Transaction Analysis, DISC or any other relevant techniques. Any technique introduced during the sessions will be done after consultation and adapted to suit the client situation. Curly has designed a very powerful comparison tool which she uses to great effect for client values elicitation.

'I was impressed with her book, approach to clients and training packages available. Curly is committed to helping her clients be the best they can be. I found Curly's resourcefulness enormously helpful, ensuring I remained motivated through a period of huge change. When I look back over the last year and what I've achieved, I can see that it could have easily gone very wrong but thanks to Curly's support and dedication to helping me achieve results, I've come through it successfully. I have now completely changed my life for the better and am happier than I have been before.' Angela Mains

5 Top Tips On Mentoring To Get You Started

1. Enthusiastic and Passionate attitude for enabling others to grow and develop is essential. If you come across as a ‘know-it-all’ you can intimidate your protégé. If you are indifferent towards your mentee or the profession, stay out of mentoring altogether. Show your passion within your sharing, and express your awesome leadership abilities.

2. Time Allocation – agree blocks of time for your mentoring with your protégé. Your mentee will need to know that you will be available and willing to give of yourself and your time.

3. Inspire your protégé with clear practical steps to achievement. Explain the rewards of success when the pitfalls open up. Share your disappointments, failures and poor decisions along with the solutions you used to overcome them.

4. Ownership - This is not the Me-Me show! Remember mentoring is about your protégé’s ownership of their development, growth and learning. You are the coach, teacher and guide not the star of the show. The most rewarding mentoring is where the protégé believes they have arrived at success by themselves.

5. Q&L of Mentoring - Questioning and Listening will help you to guide your protégé towards their own decisions, teaching and coaching them to take ownership of these decisions along with the consequences of their actions. Make sure you base your opinions and advice on current facts as well as past experiences.

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