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Curly Martin, FECI, MAOC, MFSB, MPSA, MSOA, was personally invited to join the Professional Speakers Association by a board member, who was luckily in the audience for one of her keynote speeches. He was impressed by the passion, energy, vitality and insights she brought to her topic. More than that, he was amazed at how she seamlessly handled the breakdown of the venue audio-visual system, which completely failed 10 minutes into her 60 minute slot. He said that she did not even flinch or miss a beat. Instead of stopping or panicking she took her audience into her performance and magically inspired them to be more than they knew they could be!

Curly is available for keynote speeches on the following topics:

Inspiring Success

The impact of Beliefs

Life Coaching a return on investment

Be more than you believe you are

Motivate yourself

Passionate People

From Crisis To Creativity – a personal story

If you would like to speak to Curly you can call on her direct line 01264 326 229 or fill in the form on the right requesting a call back.

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Curly Martin is a tonic for the CEO: tough talking and kind, her advice will make you healthier wealthier and wiser long term. Lucky you if you can get her! Curly’s decision making matrix is a real help when you are wrestling with multi headed Hydra problems. Takes the aaaagh! out of hard decision making. Antonia Swinson -

"LOVED EVERYTHING! Thank you Curly, you are truly an inspiration and has given me the confidence to be the best person that I can be."

Carole Gerro


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