The Life Coaching Handbook

The Life Coaching Handbook, written by Curly Martin, is the core of the LCH Diploma course material and is essential reading for all those who aspire to become a Life Coaching practitioner.

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The Life Coaching
Curly Martin

Published: Crown House
Publishing ISBN

The Handbook is part of the Diploma course material and a signed copy is presented to all candidates who successfully complete the Achievement Specialists LCH diploma course booking requirements.

"Curly Martin's book is a must to take in to presentations to corporate clients. I made a successful pitch for a life balance programme for 20 people in a recruitment company to assist them in avoiding burnout and minimizing stress. Curly Martin's book "The Life Coaching Handbook" provided the stepping stone to credibility and an open door. I would advise any new coaches to maximize their relationship with Curly while building their corporate practice."

Phil Roberts LCH Dip.

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